When Would Be a Good Age to Start AAS Considering My Stats?

Hey guys! My name is Martin, I am 17 years old (I am not using any AAS and have never used them before, ever and not considering them at my age now, bare bare minimum of 18, but that is still too young imo and I know some people even say after 25). I am a full blown powerlifter, been working out since about 13 y.o., powerlifting for around 2 years maybe. I wanted to ask you guys, what age would be a “safer” place, but not too late to start my steroid use. I was thinking somewhere around the 20 mark, moving into the junior division, because I think the cons just destroy the pros anywhere before 20. I could get lucky, but thats just gamble and I know 20 is also early, but please, consider my stats and that I take powerlifting seriously, I really wanted the IPF squat world record in sub-junior, which is 265kg now I think, but Im not sure if I will be able to achieve that naturally.

My stats:
Age: 17 (12.23.2000)
Height: 5 feet 10 inches
Bodyweight: around 95kg, I compete in the 90kg or 93kg class, depends on the federation
-Squat, raw without wraps: 230kg single or 222.5kg for 3 reps, which gives me an estimated 1RM of around 240kg, which I would die of happiness if I hit in my upcoming meet (May 12.)
-Benchpress, paused: 140kg
-Deadlift: 250kg, although not the cleanest form, gotta clean it up before meet day
I know my bench and deadlift suck compared to my squat, but at least my squat is okay
For proof, head over to my Instagram page: @monickinmatko

I would really appreciate some honest answers and help from you guys, I posted on other forums and one banned me, because I was not 18, but I just need some help/guidance, I do not want to do something stupid that I will regret. I know this would be a big commitment and a very serious decision and I want to be cautious, thats why I started this thread Thank you very much, if you have any other questions you would like to ask me, feel free to do so!

This is actually a great question. Here is a link to Dave Tate’s view on the subject that I think applies more to your situation (the goal oriented use of AAS vs the recreational use of AAS).

The advice I would give to a younger version of myself is this:
Wait until you’ve got a good 5-7 years of real training and diet experience under your belt before even seriously considering it and then discuss it with a more experienced person (like some of the people on this forum) before doing it and only with their advice. I was in a very similar spot that alot of these rookies are when I was 20 and decided to hop ‘on’ some stupid cycle that the guy selling the gear recommended to me. I made shitty gains (if any), kept almost none of them, didn’t know how to train or eat…it was a mess.
There is just something dangerous about the level of invincibility you feel at your age when it combines with the know-it-all mindset at that age (no direct offense to you intended).
If my son would do everything I told him he would be practically unstoppable but alas, he’s a typical (good) kid and insists on making his own stupid mistakes.

Yes, you are right and I fully understand and appreciate your opinion and I respect people with experience giving solid advice. Thank you very much for your reply, I will definitely check out the video, but tommorow, since its half past 9 here and I gotta go get some natty test. Ill check it tommorow once I wake up!

just followed your instagram. Mine is TiptonStrong, if you want to follow back.

Great lifts, and you seem pretty mature.

I thought it was interesting that you mentioned you compete IPF, given that they are a drug tested federation. You have plans to beat their test?

Apart from that, I would not recommend using steroids as a means to achieve a junior record of any sort. That’s not a big enough goal, it’s short sighted. For most people, steroid use ends up being a very long-term commitment that basically you can expect to last as long as you continue to lift. Keep that in mind when making this decision. I think if you start to really plateau hard, and you think that drugs would give you enough boost to approach open-class records or something like that, then it may be time to give them a shot.

I don’t recommend starting until you’re at least about 21-22. There are exceptions, generally with guys who are competing at a slightly higher level than you currently are. But honestly, you’re borderline. Those are solid numbers, I’m impressed.

We can continue this conversation, but that should be a good starting point.


We need to hide this thread from IPF antidoping

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Thank you very much! I am not competing in the IPF, I actually meant that if I were to break the sub-junior record, I would only do it naturally, but don’t know if that is possible, since there are users in the IPF holding world records. On the other hand, I’m not even half way through 17 and have time untill my late 18s (if I understand the age categories correctly) to try to break the record. That is 35kg from my current max, maybe less depending on the 222.5, but I would have to hit lower depth and cleaner form, so let’s just round it to 30kg. Is it that impossible in your opinion? To do it naturally? It would be a huge achievement for me. Please be honest guys, I can take some critisism. And I’ve followed you back man! Awesome physique on your profile photo!

Lol, not yet

So you think 20 is too early to start this commitment? I will try to get the most out of me before I even start, I definitely still have some natural potential and am not near my max, I’m 17. I would continue actively using from my start to conquer my goals like you said. I really don’t want to take Larry Wheels into this, I know he is something else, but he started at 17 and wasn’t that strong atm and look where he is now. Would it suppress my future goals? Starting around 20? You are right that the ultimate goal is definitely not the junior record, so I don’t want to fuck this up. Thank you!

no way to know until you try. I would say it’s within the realm of possibilities. It’s not an insane thing like ‘I want to deadlift 500kg in 6 months’ lol.

don’t even bother with this. seriously not worth using 1 example to try to learn anything.

Ok, so here’s the deal with steroids. Steroids will help you lift more, both in the short term and long term. The earlier you start, the stronger you will likely eventually become. That’s not really a hard thing to understand.

What is difficult is weighing all the risks of steroids against the rewards, and it’s so, so incredibly difficult to do at your age. Your value system is not fully developed. You don’t know all the things you want to get out of life, you haven’t discovered all your passions.

What if you start using steroids at 20, and meet a girl who you absolutely fall in love with, who isn’t willing to date a steroid user? Do you know how you’d deal with this?

Are you prepared to assume the very real risk that, if you run a cycle or 2 and don’t happen to recover (it happens, it happened to me), that you may have to rely on testosterone injections weekly FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE? Are you ready for the emotional instability steroids can bring to your life? The potential sexual side effects? Do you know how to read bloodwork, do you know where to get it done? Have you determined what lipid values are acceptable to you and what aren’t? Same with blood pressure? Cholesterol? Do you know how to properly manage estrogen levels on cycle, and then come off?

This is just a start, and until you can answer all of that and more with a high degree of certainty, you aren’t ready. And there’s a good chance you won’t have all these answers by the age of 20, as there is so much personal growth that happens between your current age and that.

Just trying to promote some critical thought with you, because at the end of the day, you’ll have to answer these questions for yourself. We can’t do it for you. All we can do is help you to be better informed through the process.


And Flip has illuminated very well the point I was trying to make in my initial post; that at your age you really don’t have the life experience or critical thinking skills those life experiences bring with it to make a reasonable choice. At the moment you’re focused on your short term goals…don’t loose focus on setting long term goals as well. Is a potential sub-junior squat record really worth the potential negatives? Flip has outlined some of the physical damage you might encouter, have you considered the legal consequences? This is not a slam against you it’s just a generalization of people of that age. I really wish I had a mentor at your age who could have guided me towards smarter decisons. For what it’s worth, I’m encouraged that you at least appear to be willing to listen as opposed to the people who come on here looking for automatic approval of their screwed up plans.

Thank you guys for your long replies and your time, I really do appreciate it, you treat this like work to help other people, that is very nice of you. The statement you have made are without saying solid and very serious. I have definitely thought about the consequences, I know it’s different when you have bad experience with the bad side effects, I cannot really make a decision if it’s worth it for me without knowing that. I mean I’m 17, I don’t even know anything about my future. I’m happy that I totally exed out steroids before 20, I’m not saying I am going to do them at 20, I still have to consider a lot, like you guys stated and it’s not a decision I can make overnight. Also me aging will have an effect on that, I just hope I don’t get too greedy and hop on too early. I have good self control, but you just can’t know sometime, you feel like you don’t even know yourself in some situations, like it’s someone else. Life is hard man, not just the steroid side. The more I age, the more I notice that. I know I’m 17 and maybe don’t even know a fraction about life, but I’m aware of some things, just training alone has taught me so much, not just the lifting part, but generaly, the hard hard self control you need to be very successful at anything, the damn consistency you need so you can achieve your everyday goals, sometimes even backing off is really hard, but it can be beneficial and failing man, learning how to take a fail is extremely important. The fucking tunnel vision you need sometimes, the hype (mostly for lifting), just so so much… But enough of my rant, I don’t want to sound like Mr. know it all, I hate those people… I just wanted to show you guys my perspective on things, It’s always a better conversation that way. But anyway, the junior/sub-junior is definitely not my end goal. I would want that to be the begining of my future career for me maybe (I know things can change, but you have to have a dream and I’ve got so far with powerlifting naturally, I would kill myself if I would just throw this away like garbage), I want to keep attempting to break records after the junior/sub-junior if possible, or train for that in the future, but it’s damn near impossible (You could say impossible, but I just don’t want to say that, you never know. But it’s the slightest chance and I’m aware of that) But as Filip stated, that the earlier you start, the stronger you will become. (Thats gonna stay in my head now for a while lol) I know Larry doesn’t maybe even know his long term side effects, I mean he’s not even in his late 20’s. He is a huge inspiration for me, but he took too big of a risk for me. I know I am not Larry Wheels, I also do not want to become Larry, I want to become a better version myself, like everyone probably does. It’s such a hard decision, sometime I’m just like “fuck it” and then I just slap the stupid out of me. I know you guys can relate, everyone is like that. I want to be as honest as I can be with you guys, that makes the decision clearer for me, and I really hate lying and lies, they’re fucking everywhere it’s insane. I just want to thank you guys one more time and I’ll post this post. You’re a ton of help! And sorry for the long post.

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And also, breaking the sub-junior record naturally (which I would’t do juiced up because it’s until you turn 19 and that is a no no for me) it would motivate me to continue training naturally for some time, I think. I mean, it’s a great feeling (and I’m really not trying to be cocky and not pointing fingers at anyone, it’s just a feeling and unfortunetely, you can’t really influence and change a feeling) when you outlift some roided up teenagers or even grown ass men naturally at 17. I know I’m not the strongest 17 y.o. in my category, and I mean not even compared to some natural kids at my age and weight, there is probably someone stronger than me even naturally, but I am happy where I am at now (and if I hit that 240kg squat I would be even happier), but I don’t know how long it will be before I fall into average category, I don’t know how much further I can get stronger to compete at a high level.

Your introspection is refreshing from a 17 year old…the future is not lost.

Gotta google up introspection lol
edit: I’m not sure if I understand correctly, but thank you :slight_smile:

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yeah bub 17 is too young , i started when i was 16 and now im 43 with low test since i was 27. i took way too much too early. but im 43 6’2" 245 lbs. in shape. if you were to take anything cause you know if you want to you will no matter what people say id say take a small cycle of For athletic purposes, methyltestosterone is generally only used to stimulate aggression among power lifters and those looking to boost up their workouts

Why in the hell do you keep necro’ing old threads for no apparent reason?

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Not only that but with what seems to be shitty advice… Smh