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When Will You Stop?


Serious question: how much longer do you think you'll take steroids for? I've been thinking lately that I've probably only got another 2 cycles, or 3 at most.

I'm pretty much where I want to be (I'm not a mass monster, never wil be. Just don't have the structure for it) and I'm 29 now. I don't really want to be cycling far into my 30s because eventually these PCTs'll start catching up with me, and I don't want to blast and cruise.

What do the rest of you think? Are you on for life now or do you plan to cool your jets anytime soon.


Im still on my first cycle, however I think that a reasonable time to stop is when other priorities in life take over for me. I'm still pretty young so I dont have a family to take care of etc and my health is perfect. So until something changes in a major factor in my life I'd like to make as much progress as i can towards looking how i want to look. As for the blasting and cruising, i've heard that theres been some developments on a ester that lasts a rediculously long time between doses but its still very early days. If that were to become available i'd blast and cruise no doubt.


Testosterone Undecanoate has a pretty long half life (16 days?). It's what I cruise on.


Nah not undeconate, this other one is meant to be months or something. Dont have any legit information on it but thats all i heard from a friend.


i've read that it's a touch longer, depending on the base oil... some run 25-33 days.


i've been "off" for a while now, largely due to some injuries (work related)... even though i got fat because i'm not able to train much, i've gotten big enough that size and strength is less of a concern for me than staying somewhat lean and having decent cardio and mobility.

i guess that's part of why i'm quite conservative on doses...


till death


Until my money, freedom, or heart give out. I may not run heavy hard cycles my whole life but as long as I can possibly bring my total up imma continue pushing.




For some (including me) it seems that its a bit of a burden knowing you will have to have access to gear all the time to keep your levels up if you dont go TRT through a doc. If you want to go travelling etc or something comes up and you cant make injections you're kinda left out to dry... Hence why i'd rather not blast and cruise unless i can get a prescription.


potential fertility issues. I want to have kids some day and while I understand that the fertility concerns are probably overblown, I've heard enough anecdotal evidence to put me off.

In later life when I'm done procreating I'll probably go on self prescribed TRT, but until then I don't want to B&C just in case


This is true. But you can go 2-3 weeks between injections of a long acting test and be fine. You wouldn't still feel top notch after 3 weeks mind you, but completely manageable.

I went to Europe with a friend who B & C's and he took a 1.5g shot of Sust just before we got to the airport. We were there for almost 3 weeks and he was fine.

I think if I were to go somewhere for a long time (month+) I would probably mail them to myself or do a PCT prior.

Believe it or not a guy at gym just throws a vial into his checked in luggage without issue. He removes the label and puts it in his hygiene bag. On a different forum I read guy says he has a diabetic bag where he puts all his supplies in and no one asks questions.


I've got about 6g of Test U on hand; I usually use it for extended vacations (2+ weeks).

On that note, Blast and Cruise for life.

PCT when I die.


The uptick in my metabolism from using has been phenomenal. My metabolism is on the slow side and now I'm getting away with so much more...


I only started trt couple weeks ago but iv got 2 kids already and I'm happy to be on for life


I'm on a TRT program from my doc that I slightly modified for my own interests.. but as long as my natural test levels are low... I like having energy to please the wife whenever she wants it and the added benefit it gives me in the gym. I'm game for as long as the cash flow is there....