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When Will This Be a Bodybuilding Site?


This is a article that was posted in 2007 saying the same thing that has been said before "We are going to turn this into a bodybuilding site and get back to it's roots.."

I guess I just keep seeing trends.. When is T-Nation going to be a Bodybuilding site? Ya'll said this two years ago and now ya'll are saying this again


Has that really happened here at T-Nation? When is it going to happen? Is it going to stay that way for more than a month?


It's grown too large to just be a BBing website IMO. That's not a bad thing, means more money to create new products.


While I'm not saying the Powerlifting/Strongman/Vixen threads aren't worth a look. I just keep reading, "We are going back to our Bodybuilding roots".. "We are going to concentrate more on Bodybuilding" and that was 2 years ago.

Now it's being said again "We are going back to our roots as a BB site". That's all I hear the vets talk about and that's what I'm reading. My question is, when is this going to happen?


When I, BODYBUILDER comes out and every pro bodybuilder comes over to gain 27lbs in 2 weeks




I think the last thing you need is more products :slight_smile: lol jk man

The point is, they hardly ever do topics specific to any of the forums such as powerlifting or strongman, let alone bodybuilding.

They have been getting a little better lately though, I will give them that. The Mike Roberston article was good, and I like the black guy (sorry can't remember your name) who puts out some good no BS bodybuilding stuff.

Every article put out by Shugart and Waterbury, especially Shugart, an author who made an article titled "bodybuilding is dead", is just making this site more and more like men's health.

AKA worthless.


It's certainly become chic to rip on 'I, BODYBUILDER' (and this site, in general), hasn't it.


From a lot of the posts I've seen I would guess not even 5% of the members are bodybuilders, meaning they have competed or ever plan on competing in a bodybuilding competition. Everyone has different goals and this site works for all of them which is what makes it great.


Possibly a shirt that reads:
"I survived T-Nation's I Bodybuilder Program and all I got was this lousy T-Shirt"? -lol




I never wear t-shirts with text on them, but I'd wear THAT!


Have you had a sneek peek at the planned rollout?


Modok, do you work for Biotest now? You in on all the board meetings? lol


I heard that I, BODYBUILDER makes you look like Chuck Norris and John Rambo rolled into one....
On a more serious note - any chance no more I, B posts will be made until the program is actually released? It seems like every second thread is about it...


Is it so much the products and articles that bother you or the people that post anti-BB stuff in the BB forums? I'm not a BB, but I enjoy the articles on this site and the posts from people who are serious about putting on muscle (yes, I even like to read Prof X's posts when he's not yelling at the trolls).

The way I see it, everyone here has individual goals and lifting weights is one of the primary means of achieving their goals. Bodybuilders have spent a lot of time understanding how to put muscle on and strip fat off. I don't see why everyone else can't learn from that and apply it towards their own goals; whether that's to help them make their weight class in a powerlifting event or to add LBM and live longer healthier lives.

There's nothing wrong with expanding a business beyond the original niche market if you can apply the same principles to help other customers reach their goals.


Out of curiosity what's the problem with this being more then a BB site. People always have problems with athletes on the forums because their first goal is to improve performance but most of the time that means added muscle mass. Look at Defrancos guys those who train with him regularly have good if not great physiques, look at powerlifters, sprinters, vertical jump trainees. Most of the time the easiest way for these guys to get better is to add poundages to their lifts and at the same time, they most of the time get bigger.

All I am saying is can't we all just get along.

BTW I get just as annoyed when a 140lbs trainee wants to get faster or jump higher squats 180 lbs and doesnt want to add mass because it'll slow him down. Most people that reach their vert/speed goals end up looking pretty muscular.


Yeah, and it's getting old.


It is but I think that it is crappy marketing from Biotest to announce a program and then not have it available for months on end. They should get it finished first, then hype it up for about a month and then release it. And if its as retarted as the V-Diet I will be highly disappointed.


Agreed and agreed.

And lol @ Stu, that'd be an awesome t-shirt.


T-Nation could remedy 99% of the problems by having 5 distinct forums:







did you just say retarted?