When Will the Modern Conception of the Nation State Disappear?

Iv’e been getting really into post Westphalian political possibilities recently, I just finished inventing the individual by Larry Siedentrop and a secular age by Charles Taylor and its given me some perspective on the death of the nation state which all things considered was an extremely short lasting peculiarity of history (talking in the literal sense not a place being called something by people).

I first heard someone talk about post national power formations when I started reading and listening to lectures on hegemonic expansion post the collapse of the USSR and I sensed some of the more fringe figures on the right from Serbia, France and Russia were starting to talk in post national notions refering to power blocks, emerging economic unions, the coming EU counterbalance to the US and the eventual re-emergence of cross national power formations. IE China/Russia/Central Asia, African, Arab/PanIslamic and European. All these would become competing empires or ruling caliphates or super factions. And we would see a return to open warfare for territory, open conquest and a return to real politic over assumed sovereignity. IE power would be the only factor in who rules what.

How do you actually see a post national world formation and what would the power factions that emerge be and consist of?


Myself Im reading Francis Fukuyama too… NOT

All these liberal historians/philosophers are clowns doing a job for the ones above in order to be in the spotlight

And that job in that case is to say: there must be a single power center in the world in order to have peace (otherwise it would create competing empires and war)

There will be no competing empires in the post liberal world order, only individual sovereign nation (like Russia) states trading with each other

I really believe you are talking to yourself.


There can be alliances as you described while nations keep their sovereignty, identities, cultures, or whatever else uniquely characterizes them. That sounds alright.

Taking your desires for realities I see

When Will the Modern Conception of the Nation State Disappear?
It will happen when the moschiach come: never

How would this differ from the current?


Maybe we can all learn Esperanto and re-boot The League of Nations.




Wonderwoman would be the President and Aquaman would be King Of The Oceans.

Batman would rule the night and Superman, well he’s just super. He’d be like an ambassador to other planets & shit.

Everybody would be gay for a day. Whether or not you take full liberties with that day is basically like fireworks on the 4th of July. Some do, some dont. A lot of people end up in the ER though when they aren’t careful.

Religious factions would be identified by the color of their hooded robes.

Free candy!

If you get caught lacking you gonna get a smacking.

No retail storefronts greater than 2000 sq.ft. Also must be scented to give a boutiquey feel. None of that corporate bullshit.


Its the complete opposite. Nationalism is a liberal irder. Its literally liberal. Empire is illiberal. The far right used to have smart people in it lol. Rear some Bowden or Guenon.

I believe we should go the other way. Kill the UN and EU. More nationalism, less globalism.

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And NATO. And allow the U.S. to split up, if Europe gets to.

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Couldn’t agree more.

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Empire is the opposite of globalism. Nationalism is progressivism. Its literally what ended the old feudal order and ushered in individualism. Which has been a complete cancer on the world. The nationalists sat on the left against the traditionalists who sat on the right. Nationalism leads to stuff like the EU because its an extension of degenerate enlightenment ideology.

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How are people completely misunderstanding and thinking nationalism is conservative and traditional and empire is left wing lol. Nationalism is born out of progressive politics. Its inherently modern. Its so weird that sometimes i forget modern “conservatives” don’t even realise they are conserving left wing liberalism lol.

Prophecy is globalism against Israel

Okay, then go back to being a feudal serf.

I get you’re learning about all the isms in college but don’t post a question just to preach your new world view.

I don’t think anyone has said that. It just sounds like you’re dying to tell us.


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I spent my twenties in prison for shooting someone in the head and selling heroin.

I don’t follow.