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When Will Strong Erections Return after AI/Protocol Change?

it looks like another anabolic. one i’m not familiar with. I’m not trying to cruise, but just be on long-term optimized TRT. Maybe i should drop the deka alltogether. I only started it because i am on the gyno sensitive side and my doc was too lazy to dial me into T, so gave me AI and recommended deka (that i now know was beyond therapeutic dosage)

Ever tried Proviron? Sounds like that is commonly used along with deka. I’m wondering if i could use it and then wean off of both lessening the lingering effects of deka.

I have not. I believe proviron is basically oral masteron

Its a DHT derivative. I don’t know the chemistry but it helps restore whatever Deca fucks up

I did a little experiment last night. Knowing that one of the 3 causes of deka dick is the squashing of DHT, i thought maybe boosting it would counteract deka dick a bit. And i think it did. I used a tube of testosterone cream i had gotten a while back as a way to increase DHT. Defy had said applying that straight to the nuts would increase DHT (At the time, i wanted more beard growth, so i wanted to try it). You give it a click and spread it on the testicles. I waited 2.5 hours or so and along with 5g of l-citrulline, i more than doubled my useful erection time. From 5-7 min maybe to 20 minutes before i started going soft. I don’t think i needed the l-citrulline since i’m vascular as fuck, but i wanted to test it out.

The other 2 causes i’m not sure how to test for. Dopamine desensitization? Forget the 3rd cause. But viagra doesn’t work, so its not blood flow.

Anyway, thought this was useful info. This would make me think Proviron would help me in the short term until my current 2:1 ratio of Test to Deka stabalizes.

I also gave blood the other day. I heard the deka plasma’s stay in your blood forever. Maybe that’ll help a bit.Can’t give blood for another 30 days i think though

Not really, masteron is “anabolic” whilst proviron isn’t. Inactivation by 3b-HSD within skeletal muscle renders mesterolone inactive with regards to anabolic activity. Furthermore the oral bioavailability of mesterolone is rather low (around 3%) as it isn’t c-17 alpha alkylated.

Mesterolone’s benefits are

  • cosmetic
  • based upon neurological alteration

Drostanolone fits 1 + 2 and (directly) adds lean tissue.

They’re structurally similar though (2a methyl dihydrotestostosterone vs 1a methyl dihydrotestosterone). Slight alterations in hormonal structure can make a HUGE difference. Good example would be EQ (dehydrotestosterone) vs dbol (dehydromethyltestosterone).

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Ordered some proviron online - looks to be a reputable source. If I can get my erection quality back up, I’ll stay on that protocol for a while. If not, I’ll drop deca and up the test with daily injections

Online is really not the best and safest way to obtain gear. You’re taking chances this way. You should be dealing with a real person with a secure email and a secure way to transfer funds. Also someone that has received positive feedback from other customers.

That would be better, but I don’t know anyone like that. Any recommendations? I’m in the northeast us

How many MG of mast are you running? You use it year round correct?

Have been running 100 mg/week

I’m curious to see if the 150mg/week Mast I’m running will counteract the total libido shutdown I got last time I tried Anavar. It took about 2 weeks at 50mg/day to completely turn off libido and erections. I’m like 4 days in on 75mg/day right now.

You’re the one that convinced me to try Mast over Proviron and I’m so damn happy I did. I’ll never run anything in addition to TRT without it.

I just got some 200 mg/mL Masteron and I’m excited to try it. First of all, its super clear and my current stuff is amber. Not sure if that makes a difference, maybe just the carrier oil but we’ll see.

Also just ordered some raw anavar powder that’s about 98% pure. I made a 25 mg/mL grain alcohol solution for that and draw it with a syringe for oral. Its really good. I’m running 50 mg/day and getting great pumps and some cramping.

My Mast Prop is crystal clear (100mg/ml) and that shit works so I wouldn’t worry about it.

What do you get from Anavar? I’ve never done more than 2-3 weeks previously and stopped when it killed my libido a week before I was supposed to meet the hottest girl I’ve ever seen for the first time so I couldn’t continue. Luckily it came back exactly 8 days after I stopped which was the day before I met with her. I’m taking it with the intention of getting cut up more than anything else (along with 350 T & 150 Mast).

Why are you using prop as opposed to E. If you’re going to be on for a while, a longer ester should spare you quite a bit of pain no?

No pain at all. I originally was going to use it for 8 weeks with the Test Prop I have but decided to go longer because of an opportunity that came up.

For me I get some fat loss and slow lean gains. Too much though causes muscle pain

Just an update for anyone following this thread – I’m 4 weeks into the new protocol mentioned above. a few days ago erections started to come back. I can keep it up for 20-25 min during sex now and they’re close to max hardness. My libido is still in and out though. My wife’s also hot and she had to jump on me and grab my dick last night before i was at all interested in sex.

I ordered Proviron online 11 days ago and it never showed up. don’t think i’d take it now even if it did. more meds, more complications. It was a panic reaction to fix the deca dick quicker, but it seems to be getting better on its own.

I’m due for labs soon with defy, so i’m going to take them at the 7 or 8 week mark, and talk about possibly dropping deca altogether and jack up my Test Cyp. Not sure what i’ll ask to move to yet. I’m open to suggestions. Maybe 200/mg/week? 210? If i feel great after 7-8 weeks, i’ll probably stick with the current protocol for a while.

Deca dick is still plaguing me… The past few nights i could only keep it up for 4-5 minutes and i don’t think i ever got 100% hard. Tomorrow will be 5 weeks on the new reduced deca protocol at a 2:1 ration of test to deca. But I don’t have faith it’ll get better by the time my bloods are due in 3 weeks.
We had our first swinger play date the other night and I couldn’t keep an erection with PT-141 AND Viagra. I was drunk, but still. 2 hot chicks going down on me and i couldn’t keep it up for more than 5 minutes. I’m dropping the Deca entirely tonight. Going to just start 200mg of test and minimal HCG dose. The proviron came in, i’ll hit 25mg of that daily till it runs out and hope the deca dick symptoms will fade in a few weeks. Willing to take advice to change up my game plan.

Other things i’m doing to combat the ed if its not deca dick:

  1. Using a rocket launch sonicwave in the event venous leakage is the cause - 4 treatments so far - they say you can see noticeable difference after 6-7
  2. Getting a cpap machine in case its lack of sleep/restful sleep. I have mild/moderate sleep apnea and that may contribute to it. Just did an at home sleep study, it’ll be 2-3 weeks before i get the cpap machine. I snore like a motherfucker and have to sleep on the couch every other night because i’ll keep my wife up.
  3. Quit drinking during the week. i’d have a whiskey drink or two most nights.

If dopamine receptors being hammered by deca were the cause, not sure what i could do to solve that besides removing it from my protocol and donating blood every 60 days.

5 Days on proviron (25mg/day), and a test + hcg protocol change seems to be working!!! I wasn’t taking HUGE amounts of deca like many who experience deca dick, but i was taking it at a bad test to deca ratio for 8 months. I think the sonicwave treatement is helping too. its supposed to increase blood flow to the dick, encourage new vein growth and clear the veins of plaque and other build up so more blood can flow. If you hit the base, it helps the vessels clamp better and prevent venous leakage. I don’t think that was my issue. All signs point to my DHT getting hammered by the deca, but it’d only make them harder. I’ll finish the bottle of dopamine brain sups i ordered (a few days ago), incase that was the issue, but i only just started those. This isn’t scientific. I’m just some guy on a forum trying to tell my story so hopefully the next guy who comes across this can try the same things and fix his dick. It sucks to go through.

I had a raging boner last night. 10/10. Went 20 minutes and could have gone longer. The wife asked if i took a viagra or something. When i had deca dick bad, viagra didn’t even work. I’m sure it’ll be off and on as it comes back - especially since i just changed my protocol again. BUT, this is super encouraging and i’m ecstatic.

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