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When Will Sex Drive Kick In?

Didn’t have a sex drive before cycle? Feel the same?

I mean, if that’s the case, there was never a guarantee doing a cycle was going to fix that.

Why’s that?


What’s Asin?
How much prop?
How much provarian?
How much AI & what?
What number cycle are u?

On 100mg test prop EOD don’t expect the same level of hornyness as 500-700 mg test cyp. I’m probably jumping the gun & assuming your comparing the two… also it’s 8 days don’t shit your pants. Your not growing tits or broke your dick your just not crazy horny. Which could be life, stress, or just ugly chic’s. Take the pornhub challenge. If u can watch pornhub for 15 minutes without jerking off then something is wrong…if not congrats

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Smh just help

500 mg of test e
250 mg of prop(35mged) a week?
12.5 asin eod
50mg of proviron?

Someone should develop a way to test estrogen levels. Maybe by testing levels in blood. There should be a way that you could do it immediately even without a doctor and at a discount. They should call it discount labs.


Test your estrogen and then you’ll know what your estrogen is. My sex drive on 200mg T for trt started around week 4.


Please stop feeding the troll

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What a FANTASTIC idea!! I’ll look into it no-awwww

WTF is Asin? Is that like anastrozle or arimedex? If so I dont know dose but if it was anastrozle on that much test Id go .25 - .50 eod pending how you feel


exemestane, steroidal aromatase inhibitor, a phat step above adex

You’ve already been told the likely cause for fuck sake

U said u “already been told” same shit I’m a troll butt you told me stick my dick in a toaster!

Yes. You have been told. I didn’t say that I told you though.

I think your period may be coming. Run along and get some midol and tampons lil lady.


Got my blood work back test is around 5 k
And e2 is in the 100’s upped my aromasin to 25 mg Ed and still don’t feel a libido boost what do I do do I have bunk aromasin Been on this dose for about week and a half?

I hope to hell you mean .25 or 1/4 mg not 25mgs a day.

Yes 25 mg talk to a ifbb pro and that’s what they recommend!