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When Will Sex Drive Kick In?

Been on test prop(kickstart)and e for 8 days along with proviron/asin! No sex drive and feel exactly the same!

I enjoyed reading your previous threads. Has your jaw gotten bigger yet?


That could be your answer.

It’s been 8 days!

More or less?

Until you need it, none.

Just curious … and the question is serious … what do YOU call “sex drive”?

Are you referring to your mental desire to bang like a rabbit …

… on constant unexpected erections???

Both have zero desire for sex or random erections I don’t know if I crashed my e2 or I need more ai? Someone told me start ai my first pin since my bodyfat is a little high!

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Yah but my bodyfat is a little high so why wouldn’t I take ai beginning of cycle!

Are you a woman?


Because you may not need it and crashing your e2 is just as bad as letting it get too high.

You might eventually get cancer, so why not start on chemo now?

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No! Stop playing around answer question

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I am not kidding. Your E2 must be through the roof. Look at all the threads you have created.

  1. Help, I drew blood while injecting- Am I going to die?
  2. Can I square up my jaw?
  3. Will Trt ruin my semen volume
  4. This thread

I am sure you about to start developing a nice set of TaTa’s.


What does my thread have to do with e2 levels?

What does my thread have to do with it!

It was at this moment I gave up


Try stick your dick in the toaster for 30 seconds to give it a kick start. That should sort you out.


Dude, you have absolutely no business running a cycle. Give your gear to a homeless man on the streets, he will put it to better use.


Dude, relax for a second. You’re injecting testosterone, which for sure will keep your sex drive intact (assuming you don’t have some psychological issues). If just drop the other bullshit for a week or 2 while continuing to use the test, at least you can get your drive back. Then you can figure out if you need/want to add the AI back in. I have no experience with proviron, but I can’t imagine a reason for you to be using it right now.

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