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When Will It End?


I see the guys from like wayyyyy back in the early days of bbing..then i see the guys after them and they are bigger...and the guys after them are bigger...and arnold was huge now ronnie coleman is like 2x his size. When will it end?...i mean how can the next generation be even bigger than this one and so on? What do you guys think?


I've been thinking about this too recently, and I have not come up with any conclusions. I don't even know what people are going to look like if bodybuilding continues as it is and people start gettting bigger than coleman and so on. its madness


I think the only way it could go any further is if people in the 6'8"-7' range started putting on this kind of muscle. That would be insane.


Hopefully someday things like symmetry and an overall aesthetic look will come back into style again. Something like Flex Wheeler!


I agree.I would rather see the Frank Zane type than these big steroid guts.


Insane would be putting it mildly. I think that's the next realm of BBing too. Maybe Prof. X can chime in on this...


Genetic doping. Thats next. Man, when that hits, the old days are going to seem like the stone age.
Penn State is currently working on it.


I'm not sure, but I think that the BB competitions don't drug test. All they're looking for is a freak show. You don't even need to test Ronnie to know he's juicin something, just listen to his voice. I think if they drug tested and had smaller competitors I would be way more interested and impressed by their physiques.


The future...


That didn't even cross my mind. Nice pull...There are several universities working on that. I remember reading a Washington Post article a few years ago about retro viruses being used to impart muscle-producing DNA in lab rats. "Infecting" may be the next "juicing" for BBers.


Yeah, one of the well known side effects of steroid use is screaming "Yeah buddyyyyyy!" at the end of every set.


Here's an interesting article about it. Dr. Freddie Fu is one of the most well respected Orthopedic surgeons in the Sports Medicine community. Besides all that, it's nice to give my favorite University a nice plug :wink:.


Sign me up.


What does Ronnie's voice have to do with anything? Often amusing? Yes. Indicative of anything else? No.



Perhaps they'll find out how tweak the genes a bit to produce double-muscling in human beings as well. Then we'll have a bunch of bipedal Belgian-blues (say that 3 times fast) walking around on stage. It'll be a brave new world.


ronnie is undoubtedly an animal, and he does have symmetry, so that word isnt what people who want changes in BBing are really looking for imo

i do agree that the BBers today arent that pleasing visually, i sort of always like to go down to the clothes on argument, and to me many of the top guys look sort of round with their clothes on

to me terrell owens and eddie george have great physiques. but i could see that pro BBers should be bigger than them

id like to see the drugs taken out completely, really strict testing. but that might starve the sport

i dont really have an answer i guess, just some thoughts


He looks like "Synthol Man"


That reminds me of the South Park where Christopher Reeve sucks stem cells straight out of fetuses. First he can move his arms, then he walks, next thing you know he's throwing cars around and he's addicted to stem cells.


Have you ever seen a natural bodybuilding contest? Not impressive. (and I dont mean natural as in "I took so many prohormones I have bacne, but hey it was legal, so I'm way more natural than those juiceheads" natural, I mean natural) I don't say that to denigrate the hard work that those guys undoubtedly put in, but it just wasn't that ... impressive. I dont know how else to phrase it. It's really beyond me when people start saying that people who take steroids are artificial. Somehow weight training, a completely unnatural activity, is ok, but steroid use isn't. I dunno.


Off topic: does anyone have a link to a clip of him saying "yeah buddy" have to hear this for myself....