When Will I Know if it's Working?

I’m on my 3rd day with my 5th dose of HDrol at 25mg each (fifty mg/day and one hundred twenty five mg taken total).

When will I know it’s working? I thought I’d be seeing testicular atrophy by now.

Some things that did happen:

  • had a tearful dream my first night, weird
  • dreams have been vivid but not scary, rather enjoyable to say the least
  • sense of well-being
  • could find it in me to get that last rep out as opposed to halfing it
  • I crash at ten thirty at night from exhaustion, but not sore* from working out and when I do lay down I find it hard to get to sleep, ie, I’ll fall asleep a couple of times only to wake up instantly
  • Gains on leg day, despite a keto diet and calorie deficit
  • must add that I started taking glutamine and BCAAs, whereas I previously didn’t.

Are these just in my head? I’m looking for a physical sign that it’s working. The gains were surprising to me as on keto and in a calorie deficit. However, to those that haven’t followed my previous posts, I have naturally (very) low T, last testing at 93. Could it actually be working this quickly because of that, and using the high protein diet to build muscle? It doesn’t make sense with what science has to say.

Apologies, mobile and zero / one sensor area on my phone is broken.


Just, what the fuck lol.

I know my gear’s working when I have tearful dreams, so I reckon you’re g2g

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What? Anything wrong with it?

It wasn’t sad, moreso very rage filled.

tears of rage? That’s so manly yet so beautiful

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I suppose so. Still unsure if it’s working yet or not though.

Got hot flashes too. Least what I think they were. Would warm up inside followed by normal temps, but would still prefer a blanket. Normal?

God I really hope you’re a troll otherwise you’re the weirdest dude on Earth

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Nope. Just a first time user. What’s so weird about it? Seriously wondering if it’s normal.

At any rate, no bad effects, so I’ve went up to 75mg.

well you’re kinda weird, but I guess that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

When it starts working you’ll notice strength gains and better pumps. All that shit about your dreams or hot flashes is because of your weirdness.

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Ah. Ok. Maybe it’s due to the naturally low test to begin with? I don’t see these symptoms from anybody else.

But should I see significant gains, and more importantly, gains in my first 4 days? My reps went up an average of 3 each workout. This is odd because I’m eating four hundred to seven hundred less calories than maintenance as well as very little carbs. I didn’t expect that on my 3rd day. Is it all in the head or does it begin to work this quickly? Also forgot to mention that I haven’t gotten the DOMS since starting too.

Since beginning my cut 6 weeks ago, I’ve lost muscle mass. I thought that it’d preserve my strength through the cut, not add to it, and definitely not the ten pounds that some see while being in a deficit.