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When Will I, Bodybuilder Come Out?


Oh my god these guys are a tease. They let out a program this big telling everything about it but yet the whole article is only the intro to the program. Anyone know when it will be coming out. I can't wait any longer. This shit is too intense to wait for!


This monday, fo so'.


December 8th. 2014


Are you making progress right now?


no but once Anaconda comes out he will explode i believe.


How can he, the programs not out yet.

OP- Honestly, did you browse the discussion thread? It's seems to be 6 weeks at least as I don't believe Nate was in Colorado as of the last article date.


I lol'd


So much knowledge to pull from here. Yeah, i'm excited about i, bodybuilder. But have you even taken a look at HSS-100 or some of the other programs?


But the apocalypse is happening in 2012!!! Perhaps I,Bodybuilder will be a program to maximize performance in fending off irradiated zombies...


No, this program renders all other programs obsolete. Therefore, they immediately cease working.


<- Contributing to another worthless thread with another worthless post.


lol you speak as if this will cure your inability to make strength and muscle gains. Nothing trumps hard work.


nice first post


Relying on a program to get big... it isn't a holy grail. A lack of realism on the account of naivity.


Which is why these threads suck. None of them are being started by guys who are already making good progress. They are all from these duded who are still looking for that magic pill. Those are the exact types who should stay away from a program like this. This does NOT need to be the "other V-Diet".


i have my own program. i like it. i am lean and mean. but at 25 i am nowhere close to where i want to be..
and you can never have enough knowledge or know how..so i will surely use bits and pieces from this holy bodybuilding bible that is coming out.

and thx, i thought it was a pretty solid first post to pop my T-Nation forum cherry


Looking solid/shredded in your pics...though the last one is totally uncalled for. Even with some white out, I don't need a glimpse of what your junkular region looks like.


Don't forget to take 4 weeks off prior to the release to be fully recovered.


Ha ha yeah! Getting ready for it!


The longer the wait just makes me think that the I, Bodybuilder program is all hype no bite. Ill believe it when i see it, imo there is no magic program, magic supplement, etc that is better than high intensity, heavy weights and consistancy with enough nutrients to recover.