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When Will Ethanate

This is my first cycle Test Ethanate only. How long does it usually take to “kick in”?

I front loaded with a gram and a half, now I take 750ml/wk, split up between Mon, Wed, Fri. I’m doing glute shots (left to right).

It’s been just under 3 weeks. I feel a bit harder, but I definatly don’t feel it yet. Any info from you guys would be great.


hey man i recently did a cycle pretty similiar to a test only cycle like your’e doin but I had dbol in it too. I used the same dosages and by week 4 it hit me hardcore and the weight just piled on. but i would suggest that if doin 3 shots a week, spread out your injections to your shoulders and legs as well. i’ve done it before with all glute shots and it really starts to hurt after awhile.

Thanks a lot. That’s great info. I’ve never done a shot in my delts, but I’ll look for some directions on doing it.

4 weeks eh! I can handle that. I’ll just stop thinking about it for the next week.

It’s when you wake up everyday the first couple weeks Asking “Is it working yet”. It gets to be frustrating!

on a test E only cycle, with proper frontload, i felt it “kick in” at the end of week 2/early week 3. i would think that it may vary slightly from individual to individual.

You most definitely should feel SOMETHING by now…If no increase in strength or increase in scale wt. then I hate to say it, but you’ve probably got bogus gear.


Getting fake gear is always a possibility , but I’ve completly ruled that out. My suplier is a very good friend, and also in the business of selling this stuff almost full time, and I’ve gotten some great stuff from him already.

I remember when I did my first cycle, Sustanon, d-bol it took about 5 weeks before I really felt the Sust. Maybe Im just a slow starter, or whatever.

I’ll give it more time. I’m not going anywhere.

Thanks for the replies.