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When Will a New Diet Kick In?

About 3 weeks ago I started a new diet plan, (I’m 5’ 10", was 172 lbs, roundabouts 9% bf). I went from about 115 grams of protein, and 2400 calories per day, up to about 215 grams of protein per day, and 3200 calories. So I’ve been doing that for 3 weeks now. Assuming everything else is the same about my diet, sleep, recovery, and workouts, shouldn’t I be gaining strength somehow? Yet I feel stagnant.

For instance, even though I switch up my workouts fairly consistently, on chest day, I’ve always done flat bb benching first. Around 3 weeks ago I was pushing 230 for 2 reps, then 1 rest-paused rep.

Three weeks later, I’m still doing exactly the same. (I’m only using this as an example, all my other exercises are fairly stagnant, even after correcting for the fact that I do them in different order from the previous workout for that body part) .

So how long should it take before I start seeing results? I’ve gained about 4 or 5 lbs., I look softer around the middle, but I’ve gained absolutely no strength. What gives?

Maybe try a deload week. Where you basically just fool around in the gym and relax.

Or, try a new program, if you’ve been following the same basic set-up for a really long time, stagnation isn’t a suprise.

Maybe try dumbell presses instead of barbell.

Or different/set rep range.

Basically you just have to play around.

Also, you may be able to up your calories even more, throw an extra couple hundred in until you start making progress.

Make sure you are getting enough rest and proper post-workout nutrition. Screwing up those 2 things are probably the top cause of poor gym performance.

Throw a typical workout and diet set-up and people will better be able to critique the problem areas.

Here’s my last 3 chest workouts. Again I’m just using chest as a sample, and because it’s easiest for me to measure strength gains on. If you look at flat bench I actually get weaker as it goes on.

BB Flat: 2302,1 rest paused, 2155 2005
BB Incline: 175
3 1557
DB Flat Squeezed: 60
8 657 705
Cable Benching: 457 406 3015
Iso-ballistic pushups: 4, 3
Ballistic Bench Press: 55
10 957 759
Rack Lockouts: 2257 2454 2553
Anconeus Sidekicks: 15
15 2515 2015

BB Flat: 2302,1(rest/paused rep) 2153 2004 1855 1759
DB Inc: 65
9 706 608
DB Dec: 7010 807 855
Cable Flyes: 40
8 3011
Iso Ballistic Pushups: 6, 4
Rack Lockouts: 245
6 2604 2406
Elbows Out Extensions: 3011 408 3510
Seated BB Mils: 80
10 907
Lateral Raises: 15
10 20*5

BB Flat: 2302/1 rest-pause 2004/1 185:5x5
DB Flat: 708 757 805 6012
BB Incline: 1359 1359
Ballistic BP: 6510 7510 858
Rack Lockouts: 245
8 2752 2556
Elbows Out Extensions (inclined): 4011 458 4012
Dips: 25
6 BW9
DB Militaries, seated: 40
DB Lateral Raises: 15*13

Now here’s the nutrition for the 3 weeks:
2/03/08-2/09/08: 3407 calories, 36% fat, 40% carbs, 23% protein

2/10/08-2/16/08: 3429 calories, 32% fat, 43% carbs, 24% protein

2/17/08-today: 3431 calories, 29% fat, 47% carbs, 23% protein

And here’s what a typical week would look like for me up until the last month:

2200 calories: 23% fat, 61% carbs, 16% protein

I didn’t do post workout shakes either up until the last couple of weeks. I just started taking fish oil and creatine this week as well.

p.s. Is there any more info needed that I should post?