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When Were You Ready to Compete?

Just out of curiosity, when did all the competition guys decide they were ready to go to a meet? Was it something you just did on the spur of the moment? Maybe waited until you hit certain milestones?

I went and watched one and decided since I was out of high school sports, that I would compete in something else. (im very competitive). I say do it whenever you feel ready!

I decided that since I had managed to rehab rotator, low back, upper back, and bicep injuries to about 70% I should do a meet. I am not sure that was the best idea, but I had fun.

I was always training as a bodybuilder since I was 14. Then, when I was 16, my workout partner/trainer took me to this real old school gym called “Leo’s Black Iron Gym”. It was full of old school hard core stuff. While we were working out, I looked up and saw that there were a bunch of trophies with a guy deadlifting on top of them.

I asked him what they were for and he said “Oh those are all Gary’s (the owner), he’s real into powerlifting”. There was a sudden spark, and I said “I want one of those”. So I immediately changed my training to gear towards strength, and a few months later, in that same gym, there was an SLP Meet that I competed in. I won my class and went home with two trophies. Loved it ever since.

(off-topic) I’ve actually heard of that place…it’s down on the southside of Indy, right?

The original one was in Beech Grove. Gary and his wife owned and operated it for years. No computers, no contracts, etc. When Gary died a few years ago, though, his wife was unable to keep the gym going, so some other guy bought all the equipment, kept the name “Leo’s” and moved it to the southside, right near the intersection of I-65 and Keystone.

I don’t like the new owner though. Since he has owned it, any time you want to go to an SLP meet at his gym, you have to pay just to watch (never did that before), and he is pretty pushy about stuff. I guess he pissed of Darrel Latch pretty bad, because Darrel says he will never do another meet out of that gym again.

I met my coach in October, and he said “Good, you’ll do the December meet.” I’d never been to a meet, or even seen one. He made sure I knew depth and commands, and said I just needed to do it to get the experience - no worries about winning, totals, etc. I’m glad I did it that way - absolutely no pressure.

I met my coach in July and did my first meet mid September; very much the same as PMPM. He made sure I knew the commands and technical aspects.

You either do it or don’t do it. I think people who wait for some magical level of lifting never leave the gym for a platform. You’re ready to do it when you’ve done it and either love it and carry on or leave it alone.

did my first meet when i heard about the local high school meet, on about 8 weeks notice.

Almost the same story. Met my coach in December and did a meet in March. My numbers were way low, but I had a crazy high from the experience and was addicted.

Just do one. If you’re even considering it, just do a meet for the experience.

Thanks for the replies!

I had originally thought I was going to wait until I could actually put up some respectable numbers before getting out there. Thanks to a little peer pressure coupled with a healthy lack of patience, that plan is shelved. My first meet will be in 2 weeks.

Did my first one 2 weeks before football training camp started my sophmore year of college. I didnt even train for it because I had no idea what it was. No one told me and my buddies, this was also their first meet, that we all needed singlets. The morning of the meet was spent in a frantic scramble trying to get 3 singlets from somewhere. The one I ended up using was so bright red that it might as well have been pink. I think I went 4 for 9 and got something like 1500lbs. I don’t even remember.