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When We Were Young...

Were we really “know-it-alls” ?


In regards to lifting…my first gym was the mighty “5th Ave Gym” in Brooklyn, NY. It was filled with Amateur and Pro Body Builders. It was painfully clear from day one I didn’t know shit about lifting.

Wait–we were young once?

[quote]EyeDentist wrote:
Wait–we were young once? [/quote]
I’m still young. The bald spot is just a cover up!

Was I know it all? To some degree, yes. For the most part though, I was always content to sit back and observe. I frequently changed my opinions and outlook based on observation and I feel like I’ve kept an open mind throughout most of my life. That’s not to say I didn’t buy into stupid ideology from time to time, or make tons of mistakes in life. That’s really just part of growing up though. Shit, in that regard, the older I get the more I realize I have no f-ing clue.

Now, if we’re talking how a baseball game should be called or how a team should be run, then there are plenty of coaches that would tell you I was indeed, a know-it-all.

The older I get, the less I realize I know.

When I was younger, I knew I didn’t know, but was unsure how to proceed. I did what I read and there was no other sources of information other than the big guys at my gym at the time, who freely admitted they were juicing, so I didn’t figure what they were doing was going to work for me. I found at that my workout partner was on gear as well, which explained his sudden poundage increases, while changing nothing else about our shared routine.

I only started to learn something about lifting when I came to this site, though I did get a leg-up when I started reading Pavel Tsatsouline’s stuff. This took me on to the old time strength athletes such as Louis Cyr, Bernard Mcfadden, Arthur Saxon on up to the modern strength coaches such as Louie Simmons and that nutjob farmer in Nebraska - whatshisname…Steve Justa, along with Doug Hepburn.

And I find I still don’t know enough to coach other people. I’m still experimenting on myself and don’t “know things,” per se.

What I know is so little that I do not know that if what I know is enough to know anything about what I know. Know what I’m saying!

You’ve been hitting them outta the park recently “Fisher” another interesting post. Wen I was young it was easier, no internet, just find the biggest guy and follow him around. I’d watch him bench and squat, than I would bench and squat till my limbs fell off. I had a cockey additude outside the gym, but inside the gym I was quiet and respectful, just watching.

One of the first guys to really show me anything (at 15yrs), was my old german boxing coach. He had all these rules about lifting, he would throw guys out of the gym for doing curls, they make your punches slow, haha. Squats, chins, dips, and weighted situps, and the mean old bastard screaming in german, haha I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

I was certainly an angry young man…
angry teen - so I had a chip on my shoulder
very opinionated

sports helped sort me out- so did some good coaches and franky getting
your ass kicked helps you stay humble.

This may come as a surprise, but i’m still a know it all. It’s something I’m working on. Getting older certainly helps. When I was younger I wouldn’t listen to anyone and not come away thinking I was smarter than them. Now, I’m more likely to continue believing I’m smarter IN GENERAL, but on certain topics others know better than me.

[quote]gorillavanilla wrote:
What I know is so little that I do not know that if what I know is enough to know anything about what I know. Know what I’m saying![/quote]

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