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When was the last time you guys had a break from training?

I’ve been going for over a year non stop now. And just recently i have started to feel pain in my left shoulder. Its OK after i warm it up but before that it bloody kills me. Is it necessary for me to take 1-2 weeks complete rest from lifting? Thats something i dont want to do because i want to keep the momentum going.

I went ten years working out 4-5 times/week before I even heard of overtraining. I had an operation last year which forced me to take 2-3 weeks off. I came back stronger than ever. Get the shoulder checked out for sure. Especially if it’s killing you. You can take a couple of weeks off, come back, and you may still have the shoulder problem.

Hi Slaine. Sounds like either a soft tissue/adhesion/entrapment issue or some kind of joint instability. Run quick and go see a good ART person. If it is one of these, they can help fix it double quick. If not, they can help you find out the best method of treatment/intervention. Don’t just let it go, thinking that you’ll ‘work through the pain.’ A chronic condition like this is very difficult to put behind you unless you catch it early.

Thanks guys. I’m sure its just a strain or something with the muscle at the front of the shoulder. I feel the pain most when i start off with lat pull downs (behind the neck).

Slaine, you’ve been reading the information on this site long enough to know that almost everyone recommends that you take a week off after every 12-16 weeks of training. So do your body a favor, and take a little time off.

And get rid of the geeky lat pulldowns! You should know better than to use them unless it’s for a quick warm up. And behind the neck pulldowns tend to be the ones to cause shoulder problems.

There you go Slaine! Behind the neck pull downs. Bag em man. Same with behind the neck presses. I have read that many think these excercises get a bad rap and are not all that bad. I stopped doing both several years ago, and have not had a shoulder problem since. Check that, I did the presses in Ian King’s Twelve Weeks to Super Strength, but with ultra lite weight and slooowww tempo.

Last time I missed it turned out I really wasn’t pregnant even though the test showed…oooops, wrong forum. It sounds like you could use a break. I am no stranger to soft tissue pain. I am also quick to throw drugs at it. I would definately take a week off totaly and rest. The just work on you legs. Also, go to you local doctor and get some Relafen. It is a mild anti-inflamatory that I have found works really well in the these pesky soft tissue problems. Also learn to work around your pain. If it hurts to do behind the neck presses do them in front, or switch to dumb bells. It’s likely that even two weeks of rest won’t make it go away. With a little chemical help and some good sense, you should be tip top in no time.

I had a similar problem a few years ago. Barbell upright rows were causing some pain in my right shoulder. I dropped the rows, and the pain went away. Basically, I’ve found that you have to determine which exercises work for you. If it hurts, then for God’s sake, cut it out!

I take a week OFF every 12-16 weeks = come back with MUCH more intensity & GAINS(YES_BETTER GAINS)- try it. INJURIES- most of the “lifters” at my gym are setting themselves up for injuries- MUSCLE BALANCE IS EVERYTHING!!! Shoulders usually go first- do you work rotator cuff FIRST in every chest/shoulder W/O ? Do you do an equal amount of B/B rows for every set of benches? For every set of overhead shoulder presses do you do an equal amount of pull-ups?

If you can’t stand to take a full break, at least give the shoulders some time off.