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When Was The Last Time You Changed Your Injection Frequency?

Ive made a few changes before such as 100mg TC once a week For 6 months to 50mg twice a week (100 Weekly) For 6 months, and then to 40mg 3 times a week (120mg). Of course I always allowed many weeks for the adjustment and I usally fely benefit after 4 weeks.

This last change is coming up on 6 weeks and no change yet. I know the ”rubber stamp” answer is 6 weeks, but I was more curious as to your personal experience with a injection fequency change and time to benefit?


Similar changes in my protocol over the last 4 months. And yes, the 6 weeks mark has been like a switch that flips. Weird side effects (bounding pulse, severe insomnia, etc) seems to get much lighter at 6 weeks for me (just finished the 6 week mark after changing to 35mg EOD from 30 mg EOD). When I changed from twice a week to EOD I also had a roller coaster but I had not been on the previous protocol very long. Not sure if that’s helpful at all. Good luck!