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When to Wear Squat Briefs?

Looking for a little help from the powerlifting community,and in particular geared lifters.
I’m a little older 61 and my days of competition are long over. I’m trying to recover from some hip issues and recently purchased a pair of Metal brand training briefs from Elitefts. They fit snugly in the hips and butt ,a little loose in the thighs.
I’ve been using rehband shorts.
When do you put on the briefs?
They seem a little awkward for a general warmup.
First set bar only ?
After a little weight is on the bar?
Working sets?
I think pulling them on after sweating will be pretty difficult.
Do you just rinse them in water to clean and air dry?
Do they wear out and lose the feeling of support?
They feel great.
How do you match briefs and suits?
Thank you.

  • Keep in mind you got training briefs which are designed to allow you to keep your normal stance without forcing you into a wider stance.
  • Hips and butt are okay for fit, thighs can always be brought in.
  • Depending on my mood briefs go on either after a few sets or before my first set with weight.
  • Use baby powder to assist in putting on.
  • Rinse in water, can use certain soaps, i’ll have to look up names, air dry only
  • They do eventually wear out but that takes a lot of use, if anything they just break in.
  • Everyone has their own style, I currently use ace briefs on ace suit. Might play around with canvas or meta jack pro eventually.
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That’s great.
I’m just looking for some hip support to keep squatting. I would like to ideally regain some depth in time. I doubt parallel is in my future.
I’ve got a mild soap that works for neoprene, it will probably be fine here. Sounds like air dry is the key.
Do suits and briefs need to match by brand ?

Not really.

Just remember you got training briefs so if you want to do suit and briefs you’ll likely need a new pair of briefs that’s meant for the wider stance squat.

Personally at your age I’d just go with the training briefs or a decent pair of single ply briefs to keep the hips protected and keep you squatting.

I’d only get a suit if you want to compete like Jeff Gueller does. Look him up, he’s an old fossil that keeps on trucking.

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I follow him over at EliteFTS. Pretty good work for his age and overall health.
Being able to adjust my stance as comfortable I’m the briefs were a good selling point for me

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Cold water wash. Something like Ivory Snow works. They can be machine washed on gentle, but no dryer and no hot water. You can put them on whenever, but good luck getting low before there’s weight on the bar, and a tailor/seamstress can take the legs in for you if they’re too loose. I’ve used them in training back in the day and they are nice sometimes.

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Thanks . I’m just looking for a little hip support.
Good tip about staying away from the hot water