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When to Utilise Caseine


In the waylanderxx thread, he said he has a caseine shake when he woke and before bed, i think. Would anyone recommend caseine shakes throughout the day instead of whey shakes, preventing fat gain i guess? I know milk contains casseine, but would it bring about added benefits to utilise it throughout the day?



Metabolic Drive contains it.

Use it through the day when a meal isn't accessible or in addition to a meal.

I also use it right before bed.


whey isn't any more or less fattening then casein. drink whichever one you want.


I heard having a cup of cottage cheese here and there isn't so complicated.


Except if you're lactose intolerant.


Then don't have it and drink some Lactaid milk!

I'm still going to advise all numb-nuts making little progress to fret over every minutia of training and nutrition to the point where they are stuck meditating on a couch!


Brick, you obviously don't belong here then :wink:


Wouldn't it be nice if the first ingredient in Metabolic Drive was micellar casein so we could know that at least half is actually micellar casein?

Shit, it could be 95% whey and we would never know.


I would drink the casein if you aren't looking for the quick half hour response time of whey, and its insulin response. nice to have both proteins on hand, because casein can take something like 6-7 hours to fully digest


yeh thats wat i was going for, think might have casein morning and night, whey after workout, done. cheers guys, and bricknyce, ya, when im on stage and ur the fat shit loser that failed bodybuilding, then well see whos on the couch. dick.


Pro, there's no need to insult one of the best contributors to this section of the forum. Settle down, chief.

Anyways, I love Casein/Whey blends because of the taste and satiety it gives me as opposed to Whey or Casein by itself.


I primarily use Casein for mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks/meals. Whey is not filling, and I'm still hungry afterwards.

I primarily use Whey pre and post-workout


Good plan here


I use whatever is at my disposal at the time I need it. If I'm out of whey, I use casein. If it's nighty-night and I'm out of casein, I use whey.

If I have neither, I use..... (wait for it)..... FOOD.