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When to Use Whey Isolate and Casein Shakes?

hello everyone,

I have been reading articles online about casein and isolate. And I wanted to ask you some question, but before that I would like to explain you my situation.

Okay so I have been taking Whey since September/October with a msucle building diet (eating a lot of protein and everything), and result have been pretty visible.

My work-out are usually at the end of the day, 5-6 hours before going to bed, I take a Protein milshake around 30min- 2 hour after I am done with :

  • a banana
  • oats
  • peanut butter
  • honey
  • whey protein
  • milk

Then I heard about isolate and casein protein. So I wanted to chande to Isolate whey, because it is more concentrated with protein, has less fat and less sugar, as I am already having great mount of carbs and fat with my regualr food. Also, I wanted to add casein, and drink it before going to bet for the slow release of protein.

Now I have quite a lote of question if you don’t mind :

  • Can I like, take my protein milshake with everything cited earlier BEFORE my work out with Isolate, and some hours later, taking casein before going to bed, with just milk or water. What’s you opinion on that please ? would it be a waste or does it make sense to you ?

  • I read in a article that sides effect of casein could be headache, loss of appetite, fatigue, swelling of the face/throat, cramps, and damage to kidney and liver, what’s your opinion on that ? or is it like only with a overdose of protein ?

  • I wanted to take one bag of casein and one of isolate, but I saw that there is also blend protein of casein and whey at the same time, but would not that be less efficience to take it at the same time than separated ?

Feel free to correct me if I am saying nonsense,


Just get some Metabolic Drive.

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That would be an allergic reaction, and highly unlikely.

My son had a milk protein allergy as an infant and the solution was a casein based baby formula. Worked very well.

Our bodies can have an allergic reaction to virtually any type or configuration of protein, some of which would be extremely rare, but still possible.

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