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When to Use SWF and Surge Recovery?

At 155 lbs with 8-10% bodyfat is 2 scoops of SWF during weight training and 2 scoops of Surge post-workout too much when:

  1. Goal: adding lean muscle and strength


  1. Goal: Leaning up, maintaining strength

I tend to limit total carbs to about 30 grams a day (OTHER than pre-, during or peri-workout.)

In addition, should Surge or SWF be used "post-gpp, which usually includes any of the following: Versaclimber sprints, uphill sprints w/ or w/0 parachutes, bungee cord sprints, sprawls, interval bike sprints, high-rep power cleans, bjj, thai boxing. Usually, I just have protein and fat (1.5 scoops Grow, 2 tbs nat pb), and as of late, my quads/hams having been feeling overtrained/flat due to all the sprint work.

In short, no. Peri workout carbs are only going to help you assuming you’re training intelligently.

For a longer answer, you’re 155 don’t worry about eating too much. Unless you’re trying to maintain a weight class in which case the Surge(s) still isn’t a bad idea.

I meant to post this under 3rd Law of Muscle. How about some input from Bill or Brian?

I’ll repost this under the appropriate subject.

You want to gain muscle and tend to limit carbs to 30 grams per day?

With your weight and estimated bodyfat I’d recommend Surge Workout Fuel prior to exercise, Surge Recovery sipped during, and Surge Recovery post workout provided your workout warrants this (intensity wise).