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When to Use Roaccutane When Cycling.


Every time I cycle, I get some acne. Usually a few spots after a few weeks and then during and right after PCT it gets worse. It doesn't really seem to go away after I'm off for a few months, maybe just a little bit. I've done 3 cycles so far and planning to do a new cycle soon (test/tren). I'm 99% sure I'll get even more acne during pct and I'm at a point I want to use roaccutane.

I've tried a lot of cremes and all the standard stuff (Zinc, benzoyl, vit B5 etc.. but doesn't really work).

My question is, does it matter a lot when I would start the accutane? I've read you can use it during your cycle but other people advice to do it after pct. So should I just start accutane before, during cycle, before PCT, or wait till PCT is over and I'm probably full with acne and THEN start using accutane?