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When to Use MAG-10?


Got some MAG-10 and I'm just wondering when to use it. I usually get home from work eat chill for a bit then hit the gym then eat again. Can I take it preworkout? Would it be better before my earlier meal? After my workout but before my meal? Then on the bottle it says consume on an empty stomach a minimum of two , preferably three hours after last consuming protein. WTF? I tried reading the other threads about it and I'm left confused. It prolly doesn't matter but any input would be appreciated.


Only MAG-10?

Couple of options.

1/3 10 minutes before WO, 1/3 10 minutes into the workout and 1/3 10 minutes after your workout (my personal favourite)

Or, 30 minutes within finishing your WO.

Its all about the peri nutrition protocol. Suggest you read all yo can about it. Its all about the timing (google Peri Workout Nutrition)


I just got some too and I personally mix it with SWF and start drinking it 10 minutes before and then just sip on it throughout my workout. That's what I had heard works best, but I really don't know from my own experience because I just starting using it around a week ago. As far as the empty stomach part, that sounds like it is just for maximum absorption. I would imagine if you eat right before you take it you just won't absorb as much, thus not getting the max benefit from it. That may have been obvious though.


Thanks for the input guys. I saw a lot of people on the boards talking about MAG-10 giving good feedback, I honestly thought it was just a special blend of protein and figured I'd give it a go. I should have done more research before I bought the damn thing lol. I take Surge Workout Fuel as well so I like the idea of mixing the two. Anyone else see an issue with this? JFG I have MAG-10, Surge Workout Fuel, and Protein at the moment.


Mix Surge and MAG-10 and use first suggestion and you are good to go.


Most expensive pre workout drink ever? lol

Will do, thanks for the advice guys.


Tommy, if you'd like more suggestions on how to use MAG-10, feel free to give Biotest customer service a call at 1-800-525-1940.


BEST peri-workout drink ever. I personally use Anaconda (it contains MAG-10) together with Surge Workout Fuel peri-workout and MAG-10 for an ultrafast protein pulse first thing in the morning (20 minutes before regular breakfast).

MAG-10 can be used for many other purposes. Just read the articles on this site. Among others, there would be Pluse Fasting, Puls Feasts, MAG-10 semi-fastes cardio...


Mod Red, thanks for that number. I didn't know they could help you out with supplement info, thought it was if your order got messed up or something of the sort. Awesome!

ParagonA, posters like yourself are why I am giving MAG-10 a shot. Ya I tried reading the different threads about it and it seemed like everyone was using it in a different manner. That's where my confusion stemmed from. I am going to start utilizing it in addition to my swf for my peri-workout drink. I will continue researching and will hopefully be able to wrap my head around MAG-10(pretty complex lol). Thanks guys


There is a lot of info because it is that good.

Want to diet without loosing muscle mass? And maybe gain some? MAG-10
Fasted cardio? Use MAG-10.
Bulkinmg? MAG-10 and feed those muscles.

I find that it is worth every penny.


Hopefully I will feel the same way

Did you see that article in the livespill thing? It's all about MAG-10 and its uses, check it out.


Google Anaconda protocol and read everything you can. You will be all set.


Yep, lots of good ideas from Shugs here:

And like Paragon said, Surge Workout Fuel plus Anaconda and MAG-10 (a.k.a. Anaconda Protocol 2) is great stuff. I've been using it (the full Anaconda Protocol 2) for a few months and loving it.

I'll also sometimes have either a scoop of MAG-10 or a scoop of Anaconda soon after waking up, to get the goodness into my system ASAP.


I think Mag-10 is really good first thing in the morning. I think its better then a typical protein drink because it breaks the fast as fast as possible.


Tommy, a little extra info about MAG-10 to differentiate it from ordinary protein powders. It has peptide structures that have biological activities far beyond conventional powders. These peptides are absorbed intact with virtually no processing by the body, and because of its high leucine content, taking just 20 grams of MAG-10 stimulates muscle protein synthesis to a greater degree than you'd get with 100 grams of ordinary protein.