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When to use Mag-10?

How experienced should a lifter be before using Mag-10? What would be some of the drawbacks to someone not very experienced who decided to use it. I noticed a negative response earlier to someone who didn’t seem like a seasoned lifter and was using. I am 33 and have been lifting for about 1 1/2 years.

I feel a little guilty about that. I was just shocked. {paragraph}

I think it’s a waste to use early, because you’re going to gain strength in the beginning pretty regularly. If you use early, you’ll just accelerate this growth (and go past it properly) until you hit a wall. You won’t really appreciate what the 'roids have done for you. {paragraph}

Might as well hit the wall first, naturally, and then stack up. That way you’ll know what the stack has done for you. {paragraph}

Personally, I’d consider using once I had stalled on all the lifts for a couple of months. Say, your bench hasn’t moved after 3 months dedicated to moving it. THEN you’ll appreciate the stack. Best. {PS: How the living FUCK do you space your paragraphs???}

As long as you know how to eat and train, go ahead and use it. If you’ve been reading T-mag, you should know how to eat and train. See the Dawg School column called The Hierarchy of Needs. Put yourself on the pyramid and see where you stand.

The issue here is not how long you have been training, but how knowledgable you are of proper training and dieting techniques. If this is the first time you are going to count calories, protein, and carbs; eat 5-7 meals a day, etc. then i would advise you to concentrate on learning the basics, employ them into your training for a few months until you feel comfortable. During that time you should try reading as many articles as you can about what to eat, when to eat it, optimal pre and post workout meals, optimal pre-bedtime meals and the like. If you already have a good handle on all this, then there really isn’t anything stopping you.

The reason why so many "newbies" won't get results from the product is simply because they don't know how to eat and train while "on something." Everyone is looking for a shortcut to get big; it isn't going to happen. Even dieting and training while using an anabolic agent takes an extreme amount of dedication; most gym regulars would never be able to do it.

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Thanks guys for the advice. (sorry I did not respond sooner, I was away for the weekend)Anyway, I do understand the heirarchy of needs as far as bodybuilding goes and this site has been phenominal in helping me understand training, diet, supplentation etc. In fact, my food log is on my fridge right now. Every night when I get home, I check off the meals I was supposed to eat and note any “cheat” meals if I had any that week). At the end the week I look at my results and I ask myself if I am eating right to compliment the supplements that I spent alot of money for. There is no way I will spend 90 bucks on a supplement that will last me two weeks and blow it by eating poorly or not working out. I plan on jumping into Berardi’s growth surge project full tilt in a couple weeks. Right now I’m trying to bring my bodyfat down a little and I want it to work right. And I will admit that I am a little impatient for some lean body mass. Let me rephrase…I am totally PUMPED about the possibility of packing on some LBM over a few weeks.