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When to Use Letro?

I have developing gyno on cycle. There is a little pea sized ball in each of my nipples, mainly the right one. My nipples get really itchy sometimes sore. I had been running arimidex 1mg EOD before these balls developed. I have nolvadex. I am thinking of running 40 MG a day for one week along with 1 mg of arimidex a day, if the symptoms persist is that when I should run letro?

What is letro?

I can’t remember but I think I’ve read that nolva and adex shouldn’t be run together. I bought metro to have it but I haven’t ever needed it, yet. Good luck man, and keep digging, you will find the answers…

SERMs hide E2 from E receptors in [only] selected tissues.
SERMs increase LH/FSH and can increase E2 levels.
One should manage E2 levels with an AI when using a SERM.
High dose SERMs can lead to very high FT–>E2 inside the testes and competitive AI’s [anastrozole, letrozole] cannot work there.
A high dose SERM always should be tapered out.
Do not stack SERMs or SERM+hCG.
SERM+AI is good.
Take an AI all through all cycles. Labs are useful.

1mg/day anastrozole will E2–>zero and will feel very unpleasant.
Competitive AI dose needs to match T levels so it T dose and type dependent.
E2 clearance depends on liver function and some gear can impair that.
Competitive AI’s need to work against steady T levels, inject twice a week.

Labs are useful and E2=22pg/ml is a good goal.