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When to Use Knee Wraps?


When do you all throw them on? Only max singles? Heavy triples? All sets over a certain weight??

I'm a raw squatter, medium stance, non competition for now. I got the elite normal knee wraps because they explicitly mentioned raw, medium stance squatters in the description. I felt a little uneasy squatting aggressively the last time I went over 450 and am hoping the knee wraps give me some confidence.


If you've got them on tight, I doubt you'll want to use them for sets longer than 3.

That being said, knee wraps suck. They are really uncomfortable. If you're not competing, why not try knee sleeves first?


Knee sleeves are on my wishlist! I guess the wraps were just cheaper and I wasn't thinking about sleeves at the time.


I alternate between squatting with a belt and wraps and with no gear. I have a seperate max for each. When I prepare for a meet I do alot more squatting with my wraps (since that's how I like to compete) typically I do all my warm ups without wraps and then throw the belt and wraps on for my work sets (either reps or singles)


Use them if you want... especially if your not competing. But if you do plan on it one day, I wouldnt get to used to them.


I use em whenever it is a weight with 90% of my 1RM (give or take)


Thanks for the feedback guys.


I keep a 1.5 meter pair on me at all times. For getting out of chairs and cars and stuff. Steps are a bitch... usually more than 10 and I have to stop and re-wrap. Then I have to wait another 5 mins to catch my breath. As far as training, I wrap my knees the entire time regardless of what body parts are being worked. You'd be surprised how much more leg drive you can get into your barbell curls with your knees wrapped tight enough.