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When to Use I,BODYBUILDER Principles?

Hey so I just recently registered here at the advice of a PT, and read through the whole I,BODYBUILDER page and figured I’d like to give it a try. So I take some notes and stuff about all the Force Spectrum Ramping and Max Force lifts…but then when it gets to the videos and the workout logs they used they confused the hell out of me by adding ratchet loading and Activation clusters.

So the question is, is Force Spectrum Ramping the best? or when should i use FSR, Ratchet, and activation.

Thanks for any feed back.

I would not worry about anything like that. For now your key words are Sets, Reps, and Weight. You want to use more of all of them. Week to week. Wait till your are eiter stupid strong or people start accusing you of juicing, Then hook into some more complex methods. If you even need to.


Agreed with above. Also, smart PT.