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When to Use HCG?

Hey there guys, pardon my ignorance but I am a complete noob when it comes to HCG. I have done hours upon hours of research on gear and have a good idea of what to use and when but when it comes to HCG I am clueless. I have found multiple conflicting articles on when to use it and I’m just completely confused. I was originally going to use it during pct but recently was told to use it while “on” my cycle. I am making this post to see everyones opinion on how I should approach this and go from there. My cycle goes as follows;

Sust 250 - weeks 1-8 - 200-250mg every 56 hours (total of 600-750/week)
D bol - day 1-33 - 20mg dose every 8 hours (60mg/day…20mg tabs)
Anavar - day 1-33 10mg dose every 8 hours (about to expire, going to take 1 with every dbol tab)
Arimidex - weeks 1-10 - 1mg EOD
Nolva - weeks 11-14 - 60/40/40/20
Clomid - weeks 11-14 - 150/100/50/50
HCG - ???

I appreciate the feedback in advance guys.

Use it on cycle.

I use 400 IU, 3x a week.

Start the hcg week 3 at the latest. 250iu 3x a week, stopping 4-5 days before pct.

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Thanks guys, probably gna do 250 iu 3x a week, a couple hours after each injection :stuck_out_tongue: