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When to Use HCG with 10-Week Cycle?

hi there,

I have 10’000 IU (in 2 multidose) of HCG to spread in a 10 week cycle and PCT.

what about using it 1000 IU/week the last 5 weeks of the cycle
and then, for 3 weeks (the 2 weeks after the cycle and the first of the PCT), injecting 500 IU eod?

thank you all

HCG is not used during PCT.

My first cycle I used HCG at 1000iu a week from the first pin until my last and this cycle I’ve not used it at all (I am running a slightly lower dose of Test at the moment) and I can’t say I’ve noticed any difference.

I would say - based on my own experience - that I would now only use it when/if I need it.

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Is HCG mandatory when running test ?