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When To Use Estrogen Blockers?

I’m a little confused when it comes to the subject of estrogen blockers. In the past, I’ve only used t-boosting supplements that contained a combo of tribulus and some type of estrogen blocker. However, I have recently started the new TRIBEX gold and am wondering if additional t-production also means more of a chance for estrogen conversion.

My train of thought is that if the addition is naturally produced such as with a tribulus product, then it should have a minimal chance of estrogen conversion, whereas the worry chiefly lies in conversion when one increases T by using it through the synthetic version of steroids. I’m sure there is probably some fallacy’s in here, so if someone could help clear this up, it would be appreciated.

As far as TRIBULUS Gold goes, they say you don’t need an estrogen blocker. Check the TRIBULUS Gold thread for it.

Cy has mentioned low-dose, standalone nolva being beneficial for short periods. I believe 20mg. I’m not sure for how long. But I think it’s preferable to still with OTC stuff like TRIBEX unless there’s really a reason for you to use nolva.