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When to Use BCAAs as 2A?

I got lots of BCAA as a present. 2A, I am recomposing, not it huge caloric surplus or deficit. I have low carb breakfast, than train, then protein, glycin, creatine, fruits…

When to use BCAA?

Before training they will compete with tyrosine/dopamine lowering motivation and after training they will compete with glycin and trypthofan/serotoning slowing calming down?

I’m not a huge BCAA fan anymore. I personally don’t use them. But if you got some on hand you could take in 10g 15 min. prior to every meal

what is your ‘‘best of’’ suppléments that you can’t live with right now ? im curious to read this

I’m honestly not a huge supplement guy. BUT I do have a large collection of supplements because I use them on a need-to basis

The ones I use pretty much all the time (or at least have been for at least 6 months):

Brain Candy (normally 4-5 days a week, anywhere between 1/2 and 1 bottle)
Magnesium (either taurate or glycinate)
I rotate Indigo-3G and Berberine every 4-6 weeks (but if my carbs intake is high I’ll take both)

I will also add some stuff depending on my goal…

At the moment I’m taking:


There are also things that I will take from time to time… for example I will take extra tyrosine is I am lifting heavy or glycine if I need to bring my nervous system down.

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cool Thank for the info