When to use Animal Stak

A question for the experts. I have been away from training for a number of years. I am now back into for about the last couple of months and am going strong. My question is; should I start taking the Stak now or wait for a while and if wait, how long? Thanks. JT

How about the day after never!!!

This question doesnt need to be answered by the experts. Since you have been gone from training there has been a lot of advancements in the world of supplments. Take some time to look through the previous issues of this website and read everythig you see. You will most likely change your mind about spending hard earned cash on a supp like that. Good luck with your training.

You should read Chris’s article first. Also many of the things in Animal Stack are useless. So just save your money and buy some N’Sync tickets and good clean food.

Anything by UNIVERSAL sucks. Seriously animal stack has a bunch of ingredients in such low dosages that they won’t even do anything. Stick with products from a company with a better reputation.