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When to Use a T Booster


36 years old, just starting to wonder if I should give a T booster a go.

I read the symptoms and don’t think I have low T, or at least any lower T than I’ve had 10 years ago. But; my career has become more challenging with most recent promotion, and I feel a lacking desire to hit the gym, and therefore, a lacking desire to do anything after work in terms of projects and cleaning.

I lift at lunch, I have 90 minutes to train; shower, and drive, plenty of time. But if I don’t at lunch, then I don’t at all. I go home to my family instead of the gym, that’s fine, but going home to sit on the couch sucks. I’m looking for either energy or the drive to do projects after work.

I’ve never had a huge sex drive, so that’s partly why I don’t feel I have any lower T than before. I’ve always been a large guy, sometimes muscular, sometimes far. I’m about 25% body fat at 315 now, so not muscular, but not fat Albert either.

I’m currently cutting weight (down about 20 so far). I was powerlifting to break the Iowa record for my weight, but I have to cut to 308. I fear my age, or the cut, are catching up as I can’t deadlift, squat, or bench a single session without an injury. So, new goal is to get to water slide weight with my two children.

So, what, if anything, will a T booster do for me? How don’t even begin my research for which one is right for me?


T boosters don’t work, especially when one has low T. You should get labs done if you suspect you have low T.


Address basic nutritional issues first. Try Zinc/Magnesium/Omega 3/Vit D. Maybe throw in Fenugreek.

Clean your diet up also, if necessary. Make sure you’re eating enough healthy fats


This. First address any possible deficiencies that could cause low testosterone levels and then get your bloodwork done. When to use legal supplemental t-boosters? Never. They belong in the trash.