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When To Use a Belt?

Recently I was doing deads for 2 reps at 315 which I know isn’t a lot, but for for me it is considering the time its taken me to get to that point. Well, to make a long story short, I did 315 easily last week and tried again this week and felt a pop in my lower spine. Couldn’t move, lots of pain. I never wore a belt before cause I felt I didn’t need too. I was wondering when and If one should wear a belt with regards to deadlifts and squats and how often?

It’s said to use a belt when going over 90% 1rm. Personally I don’t use one, i just work on my posterior chain and have a strong abdominal section. It could be you did not warm up enough attempting that weight. I suggest when you are able to, to start doing a lot of posterior chain work to build up the lower spine/erectors.

I agree with michaelmr. I own one, but only use it for the occasional powerlifting event.