When to Use 7th Week Protocol on Krypteia?

Hi everyone, I just purchased 5/3/1 Forever and I’m trying to understand when should I use the 7th week protocol/deload on Krytpeia? Assuming prep phase has been completed do I do phase 2 twice then deload then phase 3 deload, or phase 2 twice then phase 3 then deload? Phase 2 is leader and phase 3 is anchor I’m assuming.

Part 1 (2 cycles; 6 weeks)
7th Week protocol
Part 2 (2 cycles; 6 weeks)
7th week protocol
Part 3, anchor (1 cycle; 3 weeks)
7th week protocol
Start something else.

As stated in the Forever book, the 7th week protocol can be done in between any cycle; generally done after 2 cycles. The guy above me is pretty dead on for the “usual” - but again, it can be done after a single cycle.

What do you have your athletes on the Krypteia do?

I build in “natural” deloads by manipulating all the other variables in the program, mainly the assistance work.

Can you elaborate a little on your natural deload?

We use either different assistance movements (easier, obviously), cut back the assistance volume AND often cut back on the supplemental volume (or combine all three). We are now working with some new training protocols with this off-season and it’s kicking ass. Very excited to see what happens this year.

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Thank you for the reply, I work with high school kids also. We did cycle 1 the last two months of the school year, now cycle 2 as we enter the summer. It is unbelievable to see the strength and size gains. It is working for the female athletes too! Kids love it because it is simple. They know what to do each day. Its awesome. Thanks again.