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When to Use 7th Week Protocol on Krypteia?


Hi everyone, I just purchased 5/3/1 Forever and I’m trying to understand when should I use the 7th week protocol/deload on Krytpeia? Assuming prep phase has been completed do I do phase 2 twice then deload then phase 3 deload, or phase 2 twice then phase 3 then deload? Phase 2 is leader and phase 3 is anchor I’m assuming.


Part 1 (2 cycles; 6 weeks)
7th Week protocol
Part 2 (2 cycles; 6 weeks)
7th week protocol
Part 3, anchor (1 cycle; 3 weeks)
7th week protocol
Start something else.


As stated in the Forever book, the 7th week protocol can be done in between any cycle; generally done after 2 cycles. The guy above me is pretty dead on for the “usual” - but again, it can be done after a single cycle.


What do you have your athletes on the Krypteia do?


I build in “natural” deloads by manipulating all the other variables in the program, mainly the assistance work.