When to Try to Set PRs

If you are following the original 5/3/1 workout when do you try to set a new rep record based on the weight x reps x .003… Is it every week?

A PR set is either a PR or a goal set. Obviously every single person has a goal for every lift they do - sometimes it’s not a PR, especially for older lifters that have a lot of experience. But I set a PR almost every week for a couple years and I had been training over 20 years.

Key to setting a PR is part in the head and part not being an idiot with training. Too many volume queens.

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The idea of setting rep PRs makes 531 for me more than anything else.

I’ve got a handwritten table in the back of my training log for the main lifts (P/DL/BP/S) with all my current rep PRs. Every time I write out my work for a day I look at my plus set weight, and then I check my rep PR table. Whatever my rep PR is, I set my goal for the plus set as one to two reps beyond my PR.

That way, even if (especially if) I’m not having a great day I have that fire under my backside on my plus set.


^^ Exactly this. ^^ This is one of the most important reasons for keeping a training log for me. It’s awesome to look back and see what I need to try for on my PR sets.

I keep a spreadsheet with rep records calculated in 1RM. So for BP its currently 117,5kg x 6 = 136kg 1RM. Next time I do that lift my goal is to beat that, if thats eventually done by 112,5 x 8 or 122.5 x 5 doesnt matter, both will have beaten my previous 1RM.

I always set myself up for going for a PR prior to entering the weightroom. I know from experience some days are good and some days suck. If its a good day I go for it. If its a bad day, I know I´ll come back and beat it another day, and try not to let it affect me too much.

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