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When to train

I have found it very to difficult to train, due to my hectic schedule. The gym which I workout at opens at 5:30am and close at 10:30pm; however, I got to work from 6am-5pm, and then I go to school from 6-10pm. I work 5-days out of the week, and attend school 4-days out of the week. I do not have problems training on the weekends, but during the week, it is hard to get into the gym. Does anybody have any advice for me?

i would suggest that you really look into mike mentzers “one set to failure” theory. you work out for 1/2 hour for two sessions per week. this maybe a nice change for you until you can free up more time.

Or else change gyms/start working out at home. Where there’s a will…

Char’s on the right track. I would get some basic gear and train at home during the week. Look into renegade style training and you will find that much can be done at home with only small amounts of equipment.

How long of a lunch do you have, you can do it easily if you have an hour lunch.