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When to Throw in 2-Second Pause Sets?

Main goal is how I look but I do want to gain some good strength when I lean bulk in August and I’ve always found it beneficial to do 2 second pause sets to help out with sticky points in compound lifts but wondering when I should do them. I like to do 1 set till absolute failure with good form for most big lifts which is what I want to get stronger at so what do you all think about including them like this?

Sample Bench Workout
2 warm up sets - 135x8, 225x6
2 ramping sets to get muscles ready for 1 working set - 245x5, 265x5
1 working set 275x5 (failure)
1 2 second pause set 2" above chest on “up” part of rep for 6 reps total (failure and obviously dropping weight here)

Would this be the right place to do them? Right after my working set on a compound lift like bench just for example purposes.

I do these on a day where they’re not the focus, so I’ll do heavier squats one day, and lighter pause squats another day. Edit: before or after bench or deadlift for example

I do pause bench one day, and then I’ll do 3-4 second pause bench another day as an overload before touch and go sets. I usually do these on a 2nd bench day. Off season, I practically only do touch and go, but when I do pause sets, I like to pause extra long on the last rep of the last set for Instagram

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