When to Test E2 after Starting AI

Been on 200mg Test Cyp every 3 weeks broken down to SQ EOD for the last year. I know it doesn’t sound like much but it keeps TT in the 800-900 range, and FT always good. Started 250iu HCG EOD about 6 months ago. 75mg Synthroid every day, 5mg Cialas Daily, and started .25mg Anastazole EOD one month ago. I am seeing a new Anti Aging Doc and things are good with him. Last labs were perfect, everything FT3, FT4, TSH, TT, FT, ect. other then E2 was 52 which was at top of range. So I started the Anastrazole and felt great with in a week up until a few days ago and started having severe mood swings, mainly bad depression like when I was on the chemo for hep C.
I was due for my next dose yesterday but stopped and had labs drawn today. That should still give good results? Just having TT, FT, and E2 done on this lab.