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when to take zma AND melatonin?

What’s the best timing for getting the maximum efficiency out of using both zma AND melatonin?

Like, ok to take them at the same time or separate, or does it not matter? (Do they interact badly?)

And does zma HAVE to be taken 30-60 min before bedtime? Is it completely wasted if taken RIGHT before getting into bed?

I try to take the ZMA an hour before bed, but I rarely do…usually I end up taking it about 20 minutes before I sleep. The melatonin I take just before I jump in bed.

I haven’t noticed any difference whatsoever with the timing…but if you just ate a meal, the ZMA doesn’t seem to work as well (doesn’t effect the melatonin). Bottom line? Take the ZMA on an empty stomach, and eat the protein about 30 or 40 minutes later (if you do that pre-sleep meal thing). When I make the effort to do this, it works well.

Sleep researchers quoted in a popular science magazine recently advised taking melatonin several hours before bedtime. I regret that I can’t remember the details better. Maybe I need more sleep.


Anything wrong with taking them at the same time and also what about taking zma right before bed as well?

I usually have my last meal and then go to bed 60-75 minutes later. Would it be ok to take BOTH right before bed?


Your best results is going to come from taking the ZMA on an empty stomach, Several hrs after a meal at least. So I would suggest taking it a half hr or so befor your last meal for best results.

You might also try some Valerian and or L-theanine to get some sleep. I have used all together with no prob. Now I usually only use the melatonin 1 or 2 a week. Melatonin, ZMA and Valerian Tea, WOW. MUST SLEEP NOW!!! The pill form of valerian works also, the tea just seems to kick my butt.

Hope that helps,