When To Take Whey Protein

Is it necessary to take whey or any protein supp on days you dont lift? I have done it since I started and I find it convenient as a quick source of protein, but to have it on the days I don’t lift AND when I do really adds up. I really dont want to pay $30 every month.

Any suggestions?

30 dollars a month is too much for protein?

How much do your other protein sources like eggs, meats etc cost you every month?

Speaking of whey protein: Is there a benefit to taking plain old whey isolate? After reading many threads I found that there really isn’t a place for just plain whey isolate. It seems that a mixture of casein and whey isolate like Grow! is the best protein powder to take (moring, before bed, etc). Whey Hydrolysate which Surge countains is best before, during or after workouts. So when would one benefit from taking a 100% whey isolate powder?

Thats true, those other protein sources add up also.

I’ve read that whey isnt as effective unless its post-workout because of the absorption rate. Ive also heard arguments against this, but am still confused on if its worth taking when I am not lifting and just doing cardio.

Everything in cotext…

Whilst taking whey iso. may not be ‘optimal’ it is better than going 5 hours without food. Remember they are just sups and not whole food, make that the basis and drink a shake when you have to. Loads of people got big eating whole food and drinking whey.

If you can get hold of Grow! or something similar then in the long run it would be a bonus. If you can’t, don’t stress and use the wpi and get imaginative.

JB has some great info on shakes using cottage cheese etc that taste great.