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When To Take What?


Alright, here's the deal: I have all this stuff I've bought over time, but haven't opened any of it because I believe that if you're going to spend big bucks, you'd better know what the hell you're doing. Right now I lift like crazy, my routines are very intense, NEVER shorter than 2 hours, and I don't bs in the weight room.

My diet's improved since my last post, and I no longer have the problems that I did. However, I know that supplements help a lot, so I'd like to know when to use what I have.

Whey Protein
HOT-ROX Extreme

Now what can go with what? What can't go with what? When should I take them? (Half-hour before lifting, right after lifting, etc) Thanks.


Spike I take either before lifting or in the first half of the day. Sometimes it effects my ability to sleep, so you should probably test that yourself.

Whey Protein is a food, so I take it whenever I need a snack or feel that I need to force protein into my body between real meals. Also post-workout... etc.


Take the protein powder all through the day in between meals to add to your daily protein intake. What ever it takes to get to at least 250 grams a day. Take 2 grams of creatine a day before lifting. Take whatever it says on the bottle of TRIBEX or slightly more spread evenly throughout the day.

Take the Spike 30 minutes or so before working out. Just take it and you'll know when it kicks in. Start with only one tablet. If you are trying to get bigger save the HOT-ROX. If you are trying to get leaner take the HOT-ROX as directed on the bottle at the same time as you are cutting calories to lose fat.


Hate to sound like an asshole here BUT:

You seem to be following a common trend in the world. Getting sold by amrketers to by products you may or may not need.

Here are a few things you should know and apply to your decision making:

  • Figure out your specific goal (get big, get fast, gest lean whatever)
  • Simplify your needs and balance it with your life. Does your diet compliment your goals? Are you able to recover from training sessions properly? What does your sleeping pattern look like? Do you really need a supplement to get you where you want to be?

Hopefully that helps. Make sure you get the basics right before you overcomplicate things.


So we should try to take 250 grams of Whey?

The container says around 90.


I'm assuming he was suggesting 250 grams a day of protein total.


Thanks, all. Another thing I forgot to ask about: Fish Oil.

I know it says "2 after every meal" and it isn't a do-or-die timeline, but let's say I forgot to take mine after my meal. Can I take 2 about an hour later and still have the same effect?


I know I'm a beginner and all but if I remember right from my T-Nation articles the reason it's suggested to take it during/after a meal is to try and prevent it from getting metabolized instead of absorbed but I'm sure someone will chime in if I'm wrong.