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When to take tribex?

Sorry if this is a dumb question… help a supplement newbie out! When would be the best times to take Tribex within this meal/workout schedule?

9:00am- 500 cal meal

12:00-1:00pm: training

1:00- 500 cal meal

5:00- 500 cal meal

8:00- 500 cal meal

11:00 200 cal meal

12:00 bed

Breakfast and 5:00.

The directions seem to always changes from ‘with food’ to ‘empty stomach’ but it doesn’t really matter. I take mine while preparing the two meals, then eat 10 minutes later or so.

Why so early in the day? isn’t that when T levels are normally at their height?

'Cause that’s what the label says to do! :slight_smile:

Maybe because elevated T levels can cause some people not to sleep well? Just guessing.