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When to take T2 Pro?

Hi All …

Im taking T2 Pro x3 daily and am gonna order some MD6 to stack with it.

I train at 7am and was wonderign if anyone has got any ideas as to the best times to take the T2 Pro? … ie before or after I workout? also, should the remaining 2 doses be taken with a meal or would an empty stomach be better? … or am I just being too pedantic !

Cheers !

I bet if you checked the search engine you would find alot of people talking about what times to take their supps. I think it varies depending on the person, if you get jacked up and cannot sleep you might want to take your last dose earlier in the day. Personally, 1 before breakfast, 1 before lunch, then after I workout. MD6 the same way. But, like I said, check the search engine… you can probably find many discussions. Good luck, bud. -ryan

T2-Pro does not contain any stimulants. You will not get “jacked”. You may from MD6 however so that’s a good one to take before training. Anyway, I think as long as you separate the doses it’s no big deal when you take T2-Pro. What does the label say?

For some reason when I started taking it, I could not sleep worth a damn. I saw some old posts of people who said the same. Maybe it was in my head?.. I really have no idea, but I lost a few hours sleep every night for a couple of days. And no, I wasn’t taking md6 at the time.

You were probably taking T2 not T2-Pro. They’re different you know. T2 was a mild stimulant, T2-Pro is not.

Yeah, you’re right. I was never quite sure what the difference was… guess I’ll have to compare labels.

Thanks for the post! I thought I was becoming an insomniac. I have the orginal T2 and take my last one prior to my evening workout. And the last few nights, since starting a T2 cycle, I have been tired but not able to sleep. I did not think it was the T2 however since I never got jacked up like an E/C stack. Now I know. Thanks. Do the stimulating properties degrade before the 4 week cycle is over like E/C?

Well, after about 3 days I was fine. No problems getting to sleep… but yesterday I threw md6 into the mix for the first tim. Needless to say I was up all night again. It seems to be pretty powerful though. I havent been craving a damn thing. Well maybe a little.