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When To Take T/Estrogen Bloodwork After Injection?

Hey guys, I wanna ask quick question…

My current intake is testosterone E 200mg split in to 3 injections every week monday/wednesday/friday. I do subq with insulin syringes and I also take adex 0.5mg a week, usually I take it monday 0.25mg and thursday or friday 0.25mg I go by how I feel. Overall I feel pretty awesome.

So when do I take T and E blood test for the most accurate results?

Some details:
Age 25
Weight 220lbs or 100kg
Bf 15%
Height 6’1/2 or 187cm (if that even matters)
Diet is 70% clean, but right now I’m cutting so I’d say it’s 85% healthy.
Calorie intake is 2600 (200-220g. protein/25% fats and rest are carbs)

If the test is accurate, it is accurate anytime you take it. My guess is you’re asking when to take the blood test to get the most representative results. I would guess, since the frequency of your injections are so high, the closest you can get before you take the next injection would be the lowest readings, with Monday before you injection being the lowest.

Taking 200mg a week would put me close, or over 1,300 ng/dL Total Testosterone, no manner when I took the test if I were pinning 3 times a week. I take 100mg TC every 5 days. In my December blood tests I had Total Testosterone = 754 ng/dL, and I had the test done on the morning before my next injection, that night. If my blood tests show me over the 1,100 limit two times in a row, my doctor would reduce my dosage.

Thank you for your reply :slight_smile: I’m taking 200mg testosterone on my own to maintain muscle over natty limit, so I can say that I’m on cruise more so than actual trt. So all in all should I go by the lowest T reading or both?


You generally want to know what your trough day is to evaluate any protocol changes. This eliminates and spikes caused by last injections that would throw off more steady state results. Although win you pin 3x + a week your trough day becomes more inconsequential.

I only partly understand…
You mean that I have less spikes right? I’m doing 3x cuz I feel more stable and less estro problems, is there a better way for me to reorder things? I feel damn good on this and a bit better than 2x that is typical.


Nope. If you feel good, stick with it.

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Thank you for your help :slight_smile: and you too @RT_Nomad

In conclusion shall I take my blood test on monday? This way it would be the most accurate or should I take it twice say sat and mon to see the highest and the lowest readings?

If cost is of no consequence, I would say that would be helpful. But know that is a small sample size and you are assuming the only contributor to testosterone levels is your exogenous testosterone. Why not do them a few weeks in a row to check for variation?

The variation could be attributable to other factors or measuring error, or both.

Does anyone know how precise the testosterone blood test is? If my Total Testosterone test said 754 ng/dL, and if I had a large enough sample to send to 100 different labs what would be the range of my results? Sorry for my data skepticism, but I spent too many years teaching the statistics around Six Sigma. Everything has variation. The question is: How much?

Yes and only then. If we got the trough value it is not difficult to calculate the rest based on kinetics (yes there’s a variation but that’s completely ok). If we want that. It is enough to get one data point. Don’t waste money.

It actually nearly is. If you inject T, the only other thing contributing are the kinetics of your body which are basically a stable value, so it’s usually a one variable equation with the variable being the dose taken. I know I am a bit oversimplifying but for our purposes everything else is overkill.

The member readalot made some great posts regarding kinetics and how it’s possible to calculate accurately.


Good info, thanks :slight_smile: