When to Take Supplements?

I was looking up some supplements just to check them out and alot said prevented muscle loss with weight loss. What i want to know is it even worth buying supps if your eating enough and real balanced? Or should i just stick with fish oil, whey, multi-vit and glutamine? Pretty much the basics

I would just stick with the proven basics. Use the money you would save and buy more real food and follow a good workout/diet routine and you should be just fine.

It sounds like you’re referring to supps designed to speed fat loss. If you’re not trying to get leaner, why would you even consider such products?

Rather than just taking supplements that you feel you’re supposed to use, check out CT’s supplement article http://www.T-Nation.com/article/diet_and_nutrition/supplementation_for_newbies&cr=

He does a good job helping people understand the reasons behind certain types of supplements, so you can better determine what;s right for you.

The kind of supplements i was thinking about also were “muscle growth” types. Like “The Beast: Anabolic Activator” and Methyl n shit like that.

Save your money

Yeah. Those supps aren’t worth it. Other than food, just stick with the basic supps. Multis, fishoil, pure creatine, whey.