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When to Take Protein Supp?


I have purchased some muscle milk to give it a try. I work out 3 days a week and am interesting in gaining muscle mass and minimizing any extra fat I may put on.

In addition to the Whey I already have, when should I take the muscle milk? I am thinking before workout, and then taking the whey after my workout. Or should I forget pre-workout and just take muscle milk before bed?



Muscle Milk would kind of suck post workout. High fat content and slow digesting proteins are not a great choice at that time. You'd be better off drinking your whey with some juice or something after your workout.

You could take it before bed, not a bad idea I guess. Other than that, anytime throughout the day would be a good time to drink a MRP.



Well, Im surprised you havent gotten this yet.

Take Surge or its equivalent during and after your workout.

To minimize fat gain-
-dont eat WAY over your maintenance
-do some cardio sessions if you feel you are getting some flab
-Time your CHO intake correctly (i.e. morning and PWO)

Personally, I dont dig MuscleMilk too much. The lipid profile isnt all that great, even though they claim it is. If I were you, take the muscle milk before bed because its loaded with Micellar Casein.


I'm sorry but what is CHO?



I can't understand why anyone would want a protein supplement loaded with so much canola oil.

You'd be better off using another product like Metaolic Drive or Grow! and adding coconut oil, flax seed oil, or olive oil.