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When to Take Power Drive?

I’ve read the comments after Power Drive and I really don’t think it has made this any clearer for me.

Power Drive says it should be taken on an empty stomach. But then it says that you can mix it with juice. So how empty is empty? I hear some people take protein with it! I assume water is ok?

When to take it? I mean, most of us eat every 2-3 hours. I don’t like to take it in the morning because I think that’s catabolic without any other food. Can we take it 30 minutes before a meal? 30 minutes after a meal? What are the parameters? I really wish that were clearly stated on the canister.

BTW, I’m sure someone has asked:

  1. when you can take it around meals so you have an “empty stomach” and
  2. what you can eat with it
    before, but I haven’t found a thread.

Does anyone know why you have to have an empty stomach? Because I wouldn’t mind eating with it if the absorption was slower, but not if it messed with absorption completely.

The label says 30-60 minutes before training, so I’d take it then. Your stomach should at least be semi-empty at that time anyway.

I take it on my off day. In the mornig on an empty stomach with creatine and BCAAs. I wait 30 minutes before eating.

I take Spike on the days I workout. I am not sure if this is okay or not.

That’s part of the problem. I prepare Surge and sip a little before I work out, more during my workout, and the rest after I’ve worked out. So that’s not an empty stomach for me.

But then, everyone else seems to be mixing supplements with Power Drive - so that’s not really an “empty stomach”.

It says you can use it for mental focus, so I use it more for the mental focus aspects than for workout.

My workouts are usually around 5pm. My last meal is at 2-2:30, never a heavy meal this soon before a workout. I have my Power Drive between 4-4:30. Get to the gym, fill up my sports bottle with water (two scoops of Surge already in it). Sip Surge during and finish whatever’s left after.

Just like it states on the container, 30-60 minutes prior on an empty stomach. Don’t complicate matters.

I take it after CNS-taxing workouts, mixed in with Surge.

With all the supplements everyone seems to add to it, it sounds like it doesn’t really matter if your stomach is empty.

according to JBs Gourmet Nutrition Cookbook. He likes it in the morning with your green tea.

It basically just absorbs faster if you take it alone.

Although, I’m betting specific foods might be detrimental to the effects of Power Drive.

Just take it like an hour before workout and don’t worry about it.

I like it first thing in the AM for a good feeling all day great start to a day IMO.

i work out in the morning on an empty stomach and then finish with Surge. i shower, and then i drink Power Drive and green tea- great combo, works great