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When To Take Pictures?

This may be a dumb question…but when should I photograph myself? I mean if I do it while I have a pump, that kind of seems like cheating. Should I just have a time once a week not surrounding any workouts and take it then?

Should I be flexing or just natural? I assume flexing because thats how body builders would be photographed but I am just measuring performance so wouldn’t natural be a better way to go? I guess I’d rather just hear when other people would do it.

I would actually recommend taking them about once a MONTH, so that you don’t get discouraged. Week to week you won’t see many gains. however, month to month you may just see the gains you’re looking for.

Take these poses

Front Relaxed
Double Bi (Flexed)
Rear Relaxed
Rear Double Bi (Flexed)
The Hamstring pose (look it up, flexed)
Quads (Flexed)

Try to get all those poses, and compare them from month to month.

Make sure the setting is always the same. background, lighting, camera angle, distance from the camera etc. That way you can get the best comparisons. Check out johnstonefitness.com this guy kept an impressive weekly pic log of his training.

Now I know for sure I am on old timer. When I first started training, taking pics wasn’t even a thought. Nevermind worrying about lighting etc. I realize they can be beneficial to show a starting point but still.

In the morning because your bulge is bigger. This is for the ladies right?

You know that cliche, “There’s no such thing as a stupid question”?

You just disproved it.