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When to Take Naposim?


I just took my 2nd shot of test e (only 250mg a week for 10 weeks), and I am wondering when I should start taking my naposim, should I start this now to jump start my cycle or wait?


Yes, you should start now.. but you should really reconsider adding more Test E.


More like 500 a week sounds about right man.....

Is this your first cycle?


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I only got 10cc right now of test, and 100 naps...what if I take 500mg the next 3 then the final 2 weeks I go back to 250mg a week? and yes its my 1st "real cycle" I took naps befroe but only by themselves...


I don't know if Im the only one but I really thought Naposim wasnt that hot. I was taking 30mg a day two 15mg doses for 4 weeks until I got some 10mg BR Dbol took the same dose and noticed quite a difference. I had no doubt my Naps were legit but I noticed a profound difference after I switched to the BR at the same dosage. Has anyone else experienced that or have any ideas?


Don t start a cycle before you get all the gear...you need some 250 tabs of d-bol and for about 6 weeks and 500mg /week of test.E
And you ll need the proper pct afterwards

T-MIA two doses of d-bol /day is not a good idea


Considering Dbolz short half-life BB.AS tell me why you think taking it twice daily especially at 30mg ED is a bad idea I would be interested in hearing that :wink: