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When to take in supplements?

The supplements in question are: Biotest Low-Carb Grow, Centrum (yeah i know, i’ll replace it soon) multivitamin, fish oil and folic acid.

I currently drink the Surge with a shake for breakfast. The powder, 8oz water and 100g cottage cheese liquified in the blender. The rest i just take after one of my meals.

What i need to know is whether there are benefits to taking in any of these at specific times? For example, would folic acid be more benefitial if taken in early morning, or perhaps late night?

Unless I misread that, you are not taking Surge correctly. You’re not supposed to mix it with anything but water and you only take it AFTER training (or half before). You’re wasting it if you’re dong otherwise. And doesn’t it say this on the label?? I know T-mag as written this a thousand times.

Heh my bad. What i meant to say is that i drink GROW with some cottage cheese in the morning. Surge i drink half before and half after the workout.

Max, always take your multivitamins (including folic acid in this case) with food. If it doesn’t interfere with sleep (it does affect some people in this way), take your fish oil the last meal of the day.